Cyclists relieving themselves. | Michel's

The Tramuntana Mountains offer fantastic scenery for cyclists as well as challenges because of climbs and descents. Puerto Andratx is a starting point for groups of cyclists, such as the 300 or so who arrive by coach from Can Picafort twice a week.

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The coaches stop in a car park which is by a play area for children. This proximity is just one issue when it comes to a different challenge faced by the cyclists when they arrive - where to go to the loo. In the absence of toilets, the bushes are used, and so residents are once more complaining about this antisocial behaviour. Once more? Yes, as this has regularly been the case over the years, a solution to which - a not entirely satisfactory one - has been the provision of portable loos by Andratx town hall.

There are of course toilets in bars and restaurants, and local businesses do derive benefits from the cyclist excursions, but this use is on the return from the mountains. It's the arrival which creates most of the problems.


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