The event complied with all regulations. | Pere Bota

Palma town hall has responded to residents' complaints about the German Schlagersterne music festival in the bullring by insisting that the noise level did not exceed 65 decibels outside, the limit set by municipal ordinance.

Town hall observations made on Thursday were in respect of Wednesday, the first day of the two-day festival. The event ended before the time stipulated by the activities licence that had been granted to stage it. "The local police were monitoring the event to ensure that it was in compliance with bylaws." The capacity was not exceeded, it did not run over time and the decibel level was acceptable.

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As to residents' measurements of decibel level using an app, the town hall states that "apps offer indicative values, but it is the sound level meters of the local police that really measure the values and determine if noise ordinance is being complied with or not". The town hall points out that these are "precision instruments" which cost around 10,000 euros.

Mayor José Hila explains that the Plaza de Toros has the licences required for the promotion of cultural events and that "such activities must therefore be authorised because they have the right by law". Noting that the events are "somewhat sporadic", he stresses that the town hall doesn't itself promote any events in the bullring.

The residents held a meeting on Thursday to discuss what they could do about other festivals and concerts that may be planned for the bullring in the summer.