Spanish students in Arenal in summer 2021. | Archive

Arenal in Llucmajor has for years been a principal centre for so-called study trips - Spanish students' end-of-course holidays. These holidays have caused major issues in terms of coexistence with residents because of noise and antisocial behaviour. Arenal is covered by the Balearic government's tourism of excesses legislation, but Llucmajor town hall and police face specific challenges posed by these holidays.

For this summer, various measures are to be adopted. A key one will be the fencing-off of the beach. Between June 9 and July 7, access to the beach will be limited to a single entrance from nine in the evening. This is designed to prevent drinking parties on the beach and to ensure that dangerous items - glass and knives - aren't being carried. In the past, there has been vandalism, such as setting fire to beach parasols.

There is to be police reinforcement - the number of officers and of patrol vehicles (including unmarked cars). Police will be drafted in from other areas in order to "guarantee coexistence between residents and summer activity", says the chief of Llucmajor police.

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There will be additional controls to ensure compliance with municipal ordinance and aspects of the tourism of excesses law, e.g. no sale of alcohol by shops after 9pm, and no illegal sale of alcohol by street vendors.