Miguel S.M. being taken to court on Friday. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Miguel S.M., 31, was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the alleged murder of a 25-year-old Colombian woman in Palma last August. On Friday, a Palma court ordered his detention. He denied the charge, insisting that he had nothing to do with the death of the woman and that he did not see her fall into the sea.

The Guardia Civil's homicide squad, who have been in charge of the investigation, are now homing in on individuals believed to have been accomplices to murder in that they knew what had happened but failed to report this.

The evidence against Miguel S.M. comes primarily from enhanced security camera images. The timeline of events on August 14, the Guardia have established, involves a period of some two hours from when Miguel S.M. and the woman were last seen together - they went to a jetty. He was then seen leaving the jetty alone. He made phone calls, believed to have been to relatives. They went to the Paseo Marítimo near to the jetty. It is these people who are being implicated as accomplices.

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Investigators are checking the calls that were made. A source says: "They have no escape, their arrest is only a matter of time."