Annual summer police operation under strain. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The National Police union Jupol has launched a campaign to ask landlords of flats in the Balearics to offer them to police deployed to the islands for summer reinforcements at affordable prices below market rates.

The organisation is calling on owners of vacant flats to make offers for police officers “in line with the agents’ incomes”, it said in a statement.

It explains that, from the end of June, “hundreds of new officers” will arrive in the Balearics, “most of them with no choice”, and if they do not find housing at a reduced price, they will have to “live in conditions incompatible with police work”.

The regional secretary, Chechu Enrique, considers the problem to be “extremely serious” and appeals to landlords to contact with the will to “reach an agreement beneficial to both parties”.

“The aim is to avoid a repetition of situations such as those that have occurred in recent years, in which members of the State Security Forces and Corps have been forced to live in their vehicles or have had to pay exorbitant rents,” the union leader stated.

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