Levi Davis had been staying with friends in Ibiza. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Police divers are searching for new evidence in the case of the British rugby player Levi Simeon Davis, who was last seen in Barcelona on 29 October, after having sailed from Ibiza where he had been staying with friends, and whose disappearance was reported on 9 November.

During the sailing from Ibiza, Davis posted a video of himself on the ferry from the Balearic Islands to the Spanish mainland telling his mother about the beautiful views from the boat.

That same evening he was spotted leaving an Irish bar in Barcelona on CCTV, but he hasn’t been seen since.

In the short clip – in which Levi’s voice is largely obscured by the wind – he can be heard saying: “Hi mum... it’s beautiful.”
The ex-Bath Rugby player was on holiday after suffering a knee injury, and had been struggling with depression.
His passport was eventually found in the area of the port.

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But Levi’s mother has told BBC News that she hadn’t heard anything from the Spanish police since his passport was found, and his family has said they received a tip-off that Levi had been spotted looking ‘lost and confused’ in an area of Barcelona frequented by homeless people.
Suzanne Balfour, Levi’s foster mum, also told Sky News that Levi had posted a video whilst in Ibiza about a blackmail threat.

Levi was the first British rugby union player to come out as bisexual in 2020, and Sky News’ Kay Burley asked whether the alleged threat could have related to that.

Balfour said: “He might just be frightened, he did say in that video that his life was in danger, I don’t know whether he’s running from something, I just don’t know.

“Levi said he needed to get out of Ibiza, when his friend asked why he just said he needed to get out… he was actually on a ferry from Ibiza going to Barcelona… but that was the last thing he heard from him.”