Martí March leads PSOE celebrations in Pollensa. | Psib-Psoe Pollença Facebook

Martí March, the Balearic education minister since 2015, will be the next mayor of Pollensa, the third member of his family to be mayor. His father was; more recently his brother, Miquel Àngel, led the Junts Avançam alliance to victory in 2015.

This alliance having disbanded, two of its components - March's PSOE and Més - secured six and four councillors respectively at Sunday's election. The majority at Pollensa town hall is nine.

Tomeu Cifre, once of the Partido Popular, was mayor for most of the 2019-2023 administration, his Tots per Pollença party having agreed to share the mayor's post with the Unió Mollera Pollencina, the Puerto Pollensa party. For this year's election, Tots stood on a joint ticket with El Pi. Having had a combined seven councillors (six Tots, one El Pi), they dropped to four, while the PP gained one (to two) and the UMP fell by one (to one).

The victory for March was one that bucked a general trend to the right in Mallorca's municipal elections. Inca and Manacor were among other municipalities where the left look sure to carry on.