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This Thursday, Uber, a new form of mobility that is already active in eight Spanish cities, will start operating in Mallorca. To use the Uber service on the island, users only have to download the app, register and indicate a payment method. Once logged in, they must indicate the destination and the application will show the fixed price of the journey. When a driver accepts your request, the app will show you the waiting time until pick-up as well as the vehicle and driver details. The price of Uber Comfort, Reserve and Uber Van in Mallorca is determined as follows:

Uber Comfort (the premium VTC service with larger vehicles)

Per minute: €0.2
Per kilometre: €2
Base price: €12
Minimum price: €36
Cancellation fee: €12

Uber Comfort Reserve (bookings up to 90 days in advance)

Per minute: 0.24
Per kilometre: 2.4
Base price: 14.4
Minimum price: 38€.
Booking fee: €9
Cancellation fee: 14.4

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Uber Van (for groups of up to six people)

Per minute: €0.3
Per kilometre: €2.8
Base price: €16
Minimum price: 50€
Cancellation fee: €16

Services ordered through Uber will be charged at the meter rate stipulated by the local authorities. To communicate with the driver before the pick-up, the user can use the in-app chat or call the driver anonymously. During the journey, the passenger can share their location and estimated time of arrival with family or friends. If the passenger is accompanied, he/she can automatically split the fare with his/her companions.

Upon arrival at the destination, the journey is completed without the need for any further action. The user will then immediately receive a receipt for their journey by email and can download their invoice from the Uber website. Both users and drivers can rate each other, which is very useful information for ensuring the quality of the service.