One of the three who was arrested. | Policia Nacional

On Tuesday, the National Police arrested three men who were stealing credit cards from tourists at car parks in Palma having first memorised the PIN numbers.

A police investigation started last month. Reports indicated that two of the three were offering to help tourists when they went to pay. This was an excuse to be able to watch the PIN numbers that were being entered. Wallets were subsequently stolen. As most of the reports related to the Parc de la Mar car park, Palma and National Police mounted a joint surveillance operation.

Officers observed this help being offered and two of the three watching as the payment was made. They were immediately arrested. A third individual who was acting with the two was arrested following a search of his car. A large number of bank notes were among items seized.

The police have established that the three were arrested in the Canaries in January for similar crimes. They appeared in court in Palma and were released subject to a restraining order banning them from the city.