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Tourists partying in Magalluf earlier this year


The all-inclusive Mallorca con

Magalluf has become a dormitory resort for tourists sleeping there but partying in other resorts.

Humphrey Carter17/08/2023 16:23

General view of Magalluf beach

Majorca tourism

Tourism of excesses: Don’t expect a lighter touch

Some days ago, there was a report which indicated that businesses in Magalluf were demanding reform of the tourism of excesses law.

Andrew Ede03/07/2023 11:00

Thirteen lads, from Chester-le-Street, County Durham at Gringos Bingo


Lads get scammed but....

Now the newspapers love to bash Magalluf but I have a story that whilst it started off bad, had a good ending.

Richie Prior23/06/2023 11:39

German tourists in Playa de Palma


Bad Boys!

It is Playa de Palma which has got the award for being the bad boy resort of the local tourist industry.

Jason Moore23/06/2023 09:36

British tourists on the beach


Magalluf flatlines

Repeat visitors not coming back because they claim Magalluf is now boring and bars are reporting a flat season so far

Humphrey Carter22/06/2023 14:03