Search teams are combing the east coast of Mallorca. | SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO

The search for the missing yacht ‘Makan Angin’ continues and rescue teams and helicopters are combing the area of Porto Cristo today after receiving several reports of a second body floating in the water. A body was recovered on Monday but has still not been identified.

New reports were received on Monday afternoon of the possible second body in the sea, but it was impossible to recover it due to rough sea conditions. So today, efforts are focused on locating and rescuing the second body.

However, early this afternoon, the Guardia Civil managed to recover the second body from the coast off Manacor. Agents of the Special Group of Underwater Activities (GEAS) have extracted the body from the water in the vicinity of Cala Mendia and Cala Anguila.

As happened with the body that appeared last Monday in the same area, DNA tests will be necessary to clarify whether they are the two crew members of the sailing boat that disappeared in the Minorca Channel or other people. The two bodies found were both male.

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In the case of the first body, the alert was received on Sunday afternoon, and it was not recovered until Monday. It has not yet been confirmed if it is one of the crew members of the sailing yacht as the body is in a very bad state and identification will take time.

According to the Guardia Civil, the remains were handed over to the Forensic Anatomical Institute and they will try to identify the deceased by means of DNA testing.

Members of the Special Group of Underwater Activities (GEAS) and a Guardia Civil helicopter are taking part in the operation as well the Maritime Safety Agency. The search will continue along the whole east coast from Capdepera to Ses Salines, although rough seas are complicating the task.

The two crew members of the yacht, a German father and son aged 50 and 19, left Cala Galdana (Minorca) at the end of August for Cala d’Or (Mallorca). At 6.30pm that same day, a report was received that contact with the sailing yacht had been lost at 10am.