Being taken to court on Saturday. | Julio Bastida

A British tourist, aged 40, was arrested on Friday for the sexual assault of a flight attendant.

The flight to Palma was from Newcastle. At one point, he got up from his seat and addressed a member of the cabin crew in an affectionate manner. This suddenly turned into a sexual assault; he touched the man's nipples and buttocks.

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Several passengers went to his assistance and managed to pull the tourist away and then control him until the plane landed in Palma.

Guardia Civil officers were there to greet him. They went onto the plane and informed him that he was under arrest. He became violent and insulted the officers. Reinforcements had to be called and force applied in order to restrain him.

On Saturday morning he appeared in court. He initially insisted that it had just been a joke. His version of events was apparently less than coherent. He was released on charges. As well as sexual assault, he was charged with disobeying and attacking law enforcement officers.