The good news is that the fine weather will last all week with top temperatures of 30 degrees Centigrade. The bad news is that the weather will break towards the middle of next week with rain being forecast for the Bank Holiday (October 12). The unsettled weather is expected to continue throughout the end of next week.

The Palma Met Office (AEMET) forecast maximum temperatures for this week of between 26 and 30 degrees. Last Sunday saw record temperatures across the island and it was one of the hottest starts to October on record. The tourist industry is hoping that the record temperatures will encourage more people to come on holiday to the island this month.

The Met Office has already said that this autumn will be warmer than usual. Last summer was one of the hottest on record in the Balearics.

Forecast for next week.

September weather in the Balearic Islands

September 2023, with an average temperature of 23.4C and an anomaly of 1.1C, was a very warm month in the Balearics. The month was very warm in Mallorca and Menorca and warm in Ibiza and Formentera.

The average temperatures and anomalies were as follows: in Mallorca 23.3C and 1.2C; in Minorca, 23.6C and 1.1C; in Ibiza, 23.5C and 0.7C and in Formentera, 25.0C and an anomaly of 0.4C.

The maximum temperatures of the month were recorded on the 17th on all the islands and were: on Mallorca, 37.1C in Petra; in Minorca, 35.7 C in es Mercadal (station record with data since 2009); in Ibiza, 33.0 C in Sant Antoni de Portmany and 31.7 C in Formentera.

The highest minimum temperatures were recorded on all the islands on the 4th and were: on Mallorca, 26.7C at Palma Portopí; 25.7C at Ibiza Airport in and Formentera and, on Minorca, 24.8C at La Mola de Maó.

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In Palma Portopí there were 20 tropical nights, when the normal number is 16. Of these, 2 were torrid, when normally there none in September.

At Palma Airport there were 7 tropical nights, when 4 is normal. None were torrid, which is normal. At Minorca Airport there were 12, when the normal is 10. There were no hot nights, which is normal. At Ibiza Airport, there were 16 when the normal is 14. Of these, 2 were torrid, when the normal is zero and, in Formentera, there were 18 tropical nights, when the normal is 17.

Temperatures registered on Sunday.

Rainfall on the Balearic Islands

The month of September is considered normal in terms of rainfall in the Balearic Islands. On average it rained 47.6 l/m, it rained 47.6 l/m2, when the normal is 61.3 l/m2, i.e. 22% less rain.

The month was dry in Minorca, where on average it rained 28.3 l/m2, 50% less than the normal rainfall of 56.7 l/m2. which is 56.7 l/m2.

In Mallorca and Ibiza the month was normal. In Mallorca, it rained on average 49.2 l/m2, when the normal is 63.0 l/m2. normal is 63.0 l/m2, 22% less. The southeast of the island is considered to have been wet and even, in some areas, very wet. At Palma University, it rained 136.4 l/m2, when the normal is 66.2 l/m2, 22% less. In the rest, it is considered dry or even very dry. Thus, in Colònia Sant Pere, it rained 11.0 l/m2 during the whole month, when the normal is 71.7 l/m2, 85% less.

In Ibiza, it rained on average 56.2 l/m2, when the normal is 59.8 l/m2, that is, it rained 6% less.