Video of the seconds after the building's collapse. | Última hora


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A crowd anxiously approached the exact spot of the collapse after hearing the terrible roar caused by the event. The neighbors of the adjoining portals, the tourists who witnessed the scene from the terraces next door and quickly jumped up as the dust and screams spread, and those resting on the sand; moments before the impressive cloud of smoke that buried the front line, nothing in Playa de Palma foreshadowed that a catastrophe was imminent.

The first few moments were filled with calls for help and breathing difficulties, as confusion was inevitable amidst the dust of the rubble and the tension of the moment. Quickly, the first arrivals began to point towards the upper floor, which had collapsed on top of the others. On the ground, amidst the rubble, the first injured were discovered. The reaction in the area was unanimous, with dozens of people trying to help the injured and affected until the emergency teams arrived.

Once there, a perimeter was set up to work safely and to protect the people still under the rubble.