Police in Son Banya. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Palma Police are currently analysing a plan for round-the-clock control of the Son Banya shanty town, the essence of which will be that only people who are registered residents of Son Banya will be allowed to enter.

The intention is clear - to prohibit the entry of customers to what is commonly referred to as Mallorca's drugs supermarket, the single largest sales point for drugs of all types. All vehicles entering and leaving will be searched, the police saying that "zero tolerance" will be applied to the use of drugs.

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For the police and for Palma town hall, it is understood that "red lines" have been crossed in recent weeks, not least the creation of a form of fortification that was dismantled but has now been re-established.

The clans who live in Son Banya believe that it belongs to them and that they can do whatever they want. One clan member has said: "This is a town without laws. For every shanty they pull down, we will build two or three more." The fortifications were obviously installed without any permission.

The city's police force will be informing the National Police of the plan and consulting on setting up a joint operation.