An SOS on a fairly cloudy day and when the roads were again clogged with traffic. | Lluc Garcia


On Saturday, a large number of Soller residents gave their support to the SOS Soller group's call to hang banners to highlight tourist overcrowding in the municipality. It is said that "hundreds" of residents took part; an actual number is not known.

The group was initially formed to protest against the lack of parking because of the number of vehicles that go to Soller and the port. The town hall has started to adopt measures in addressing this, but the group believes that there should be strict limits, especially on the number of hire cars.

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In the meantime, other groups, such as SOS Veïnats, have joined in creating a broader platform for protest. SOS Veïnats has complained about gentrification in Puerto Soller.

As well as limiting vehicles, while at the same time promoting public transport, a demand is to orient tourism in such a way as to encourage harmony between tourists and residents. It isn't the case that people are opposed to tourism, but they stress the urgency of and obligation for tourism regulation.

"This should allow harmonious coexistence between residents and visitors, guaranteeing the sustainability and well-being of all those involved."