There were fewer customers during the week in June. | Cris


The president of the CAEB Restaurants Association, Alfonso Robledo, says that Mallorca restaurants' turnover fell by 20% in June compared with the same month in 2023.

A fortnight ago, Robledo drew attention to a fall in business in June, largely because there were fewer customers during the week. Weekends were busy as usual, but he was at something of a loss to explain the downturn on week days. In general, however, he now reiterates what he believed two weeks ago - that there was high post-Covid spending in 2022 and 2023 and that this has been cut back. "People are being more careful with what they spend."

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Bartolomé Servera, president of the food and drink distributors association, makes the same point. "Because of the Covid restrictions we were forced to save. In 2022 and 2023, therefore, people had more money to spend. The savings have now run out." He says that there has been a reduction in supplies to the island's restaurants.

Robledo anticipates that there will be more customers in July than in June, but he fears that spending will continue to be lower than last summer and for the same reason - both tourists and residents have less to spend. He is pinning his hopes on September and October to "save the season".

Meanwhile, the president of the Aviba travel agents association, Pedro Fiol, says that there has been a decrease in spending by tourists once they are in their destinations; the total cost of holidays has risen. In order to "protect" their holidays, he adds that there is increased demand for half-board, full-board and all-inclusive packages.