Celebrations for the fifth-minute goal. Things went very wrong for Mallorca in the second half.

25-02-2017@La Liga

Real Mallorca 1 - Tenerife 4

Depending on how results go today, Mallorca well fall into the bottom four after a second-half collapse of epic proportions yesterday led to a four-one defeat by Tenerife, who climbed to third in the table.

The defeat was all the more mysterious given that Mallorca controlled the first half, Brandon producing a save from Hernández after just four minutes and Domínguez heading in a Moutinho corner a minute later.

Things went wrong for the home side soon after the break. Raíllo put into his own goal after two minutes, Aaron shot past Cabrero after 53 minutes, a breakdown in defence allowed Amath to make it three seven minutes later, and a penalty against Yuste on 73 minutes (converted by Aaron) completed the misery.

Fireworks, which had been due to have been let off to mark the end of Mallorca's centenary year, were kept in their box.

Mallorca: Cabrero; Campabadal, Raíllo, Yuste, García (Lekic 55); Mountinho (Roigé 66), Zdjelar, Domínguez, Angeliño; Brandon, Lago Junior

Tenerife: Hernández; Oriol (Sanz 46), Sánchez, Sáenz, Camille; Vitolo, Alberto; Omar (Tyronne 46), Aarón; Lozano (Ruiz 70), Amath

Attendance: 8,136


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Peter / Hace over 4 years

Excellent first half performance, letting in one goal second half should not have been end of the world. Problems are, no player who can fire up rest of the team, build up is often too slow, no real strikers, Brandon had a shocker - has lost his way, seems to want to beat everyone rather than pass. Moutinho - should learn to pass to a Mallorca player not the opposition. No idea why he gets picked each week. Lekic - the big target man, normally second to every headed ball, cannot control and lay off quickly enough, and for a big man just does not "put himself about" in the penalty box. Never see a goalkeeper put under real pressure. Lago Junior - best of bunch but even he struggles to get ball under control.

Opposing goalkeepers must love playing Mallorca - means thay can have an afternoon off!!!


Silversurfer / Hace over 4 years

I think someone must have spiked the half-time drinks. Or maybe brown envelopes swapped hands. Talk about a game of two halves. So disappointing.