Mirandés 2 - Real Mallorca 2

Two matches to go, Mallorca in twentieth on 43 points away at relegated Mirandés, hoping that Nastic (46 points) lose in Tenerife (which they should) and that Alcorcon (44) do likewise in Murcia (less certain). Elche, one place below Mallorca but also on 43 points, will be up against it in Cadiz.

Well, it couldn't have started any worse for Mallorca, a Pleguezuelo slip letting Maikel Mesa in for Mirandés with just two minutes gone. Santamaria was called on to make a double save before it looked as if Brandon had equalised on twenty minutes, only for it to be ruled out for offside.

Mirandés went two up through Guarrotxena on 34 minutes, but Culio was able to pull one back to take Mallorca in 2-1 down at half time and to give them something of a lifeline.

Culio managed to miss a clear second before being substituted. Ansotegi had a header saved on 70 minutes. When it seemed as if it was all up for Mallorca, Lekic equalised with four minutes left. But it was all up. Nastic and Alcorcon had both won.

Peréz; Moreno, Quintanilla, Ortiz, Kijera; Rúper, Eguaras; Sangalli, Mesa (Provencio 54), Guarrotxena (García 74); Martín

Santamaria; Campabadal, Pleguezuelo, Ansotegi, Oriol; Zdjelar (Lekic 47), Yuste (Moutinho 81), Vallejo; Lago Junior, Culio (Salomão 68); Brandon


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Peter1 / Hace over 4 years

Ha ha ha ha ha. I have been waiting for this moment for months. As a fan of 20 years, this Mallirca team is tge wirst in 2 generations. The players are spineless and talentless and the management/owners downright amatuer and clueless. I truly hope each and every player gets sacked and struggles financially as they are all gutless. Ghe fans had to put up with utter dross this year. 9 wins, less than a goal per game. Pathetic and shambolic. If you read this as a player, hold your head in shame. Next year crowds will be down to less than 2,000 and even the most tickets will be free. There will be no money at tge club, Sarver will do a runner, they will have to move out of the stadium and there is s real chance the club wont exist. I hate to say this, but the club deserves nothing better. The mismanagement at this club has been nigh on criminal!


Geoff Dominy / Hace over 4 years

Well I hate to state the obvious BUT anyone who knows anything about football (not soccer) could see this coming years ago. When it was announced that Robert Sarver was buying into the club, the warning bells started to ring louder and louder. I love Americans but their track record in football (other than Liverpool where they have finally got it right with Jurgen Klopp and Manchester United where the solution is simply to buy yourself out of trouble) is horrible. Perhaps it stems from the fact that they can't even reconcile the fact that it is football (played with your feet) and not soccer. For a country that did not invent the sport to rename it is perhaps testament to the fact that they really don't know a thing about the 'in's and out's' of football. The management group at RCD have demonstrated this time and time again. So what next? Far fewer fans, a nightmare league to get out of (just ask ATB) and a mass exodus of players (so its not all bad news). Another coach.......more than likely. Still on the bright side, RCD are creating jobs....about every six months. If I live long enough, I am sure I will get the call. I am just not sure to what depths the team will have sank during that time. The fans deserve so much more and got so much less and where were the decision makers? Hiding with their tails between their legs. Who will they blame? Not themselves because that is not how it works. Just ask Kathy Griffin.