Bel Busquets with tennis federation and Alcudia town hall representatives.

06-02-2018Pere Bota

With Spain having dispensed with Great Britain, Alcudia has emerged as a potential location for the Davis Cup quarter-final against Germany that is scheduled for 6 to 8 April.

The candidacy was discussed on Tuesday at a meeting involving the tourism minister, Bel Busquets, and representatives of Alcudia town hall and the Balearic and Spanish tennis federations. The president of the Balearic federation, Antoni Ferragut, said that the 'Nadal factor' could tip the decision in Majorca's favour. "Rafa Nadal is our main asset, and we have been working for three months to be the hosts." The chief opposition to Majorca is from Valencia.

Nadal could form part of the Davis Cup team against Germany, although he is at present recovering from the injury that led to his retirement in the match against Marin Cilic at the Australian Open.

Alcudia has the unanimous support of the Balearic government, the Council of Majorca and the local hoteliers association. The Davis Cup tie is seen as a "unique opportunity" to promote Alcudia to the German tourism market.

However, there is a question of the cost of staging the event. The estimate is at least one million euros. The government would have to foot most of this bill if not all of it. The minister for sport, Fanny Tur, says that there would need to be a "significant return" from spending this amount. The direct return would obviously be through ticket sales.

There is also an issue as to logistics. Alcudia's tourism councillor, Joan Gaspar Vallori, says there is a "priority site" for the event. The court and stands (temporary ones for some 10,000 spectators) would have to be installed. 

A key date is 12 February, which is when the Balearic Tennis Federation would need to be clear about the financing before forwarding the final dossier for Alcudia to the Spanish federation. The decision on the location will be made by 19 February.


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Liz / Hace over 3 years

So now after all the fuss and cost of reducing tourist numbers they want to spend a million euros Promoting the island to German tourists if it were not so sad that these idiots are in power it would be funny