CR La Vila were tough to topple!

CR La Vila were tough to topple!

28-09-2019Alfonse Simo

The Babarians XV suffered in their home game against CR La Vila who never let up their tough, attacking play and impenetrable defence.

The home team always knew it would be a difficult game against the team who used to play at a higher level in the Division D’Honour and began nervously, making handling errors and giving away penalties.

Even though CR La Vila lost a player early on to a yellow card, Babarians XV were unable to make any headway against the depleted team, such was their intensity. They also lost a player to a yellow card for repeated errors.

The score by half-time was 0 points to 13 with the visitors having scored two penalty kicks and a converted try and also lost another player to a yellow card for ten minutes just before the half time whistle.

Another penalty conceded by Babarians XV and successfully kicked shortly after the return to the pitch stretched the gap even further. Player numbers were evened-up as a Babarian player was handed a yellow card and it was only with the third yellow card for the visitors the Babarians XV were able to finally pick up and organise their game even though they were still unable to break through the very persistent defence. It was only in the closing minutes of the match, as the opposition tired and relaxed very slightly, that Jonny Rigo found a gap that he made it through for the only points that the Babarians XV scored. The try was successfully converted by Agustin Aragon to make the final score 7 points to 24.

The results of the last two matches have given the Babarians XV plenty to work on before their next encounter which will hopefully be more successful.

Veterans Friendly between Taurus Emeritus and Unigans of Bilbao
Long time rivals, Taurus Emeritus and Unigans,played on Saturday before the main event of the day in their annual meeting. Although played at a slower place than the following game the players still took the encounter seriously and there was some tough play.

Taurus Emeritus against Unigans.

The score, as always was irrelevant, although won this year by the home team as it is the after-match social which is the main occasion!

Coming up
Babarians XV have their first away game of the season in Valencia on Saturday against Rugby Club Valencia, to be played on Saturday 5 October kicking off at 15.00.

All rugby teams on the island have now begun their pre-season and the youngsters have also returned to training sessions ready for the season’s matches and Rugby Days.

A slightly new format will kick off this season with a “Mallorca” Trophy taking place during October for the five Majorcan teams playing one game each.

This will be followed from November by the more traditional Baleares League.


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