The British Consul General Lloyd Millen talks about the need to stay together, comply with the Balearic Law of Excesses, stay safe and enjoy a great holiday in the Balearics. | Youtube: Majorca Daily Bulletin TV

The British Consul General Lloyd Milen has cooperated with Calvia Council and the Balearic government on a series of campaigns to help and encourage tourists to enjoy their holidays in a responsible manor.

He has welcomed the Law of Excesses introduced by the Balearic government as he believes it is a vital step towards ensuring that Britons enjoy a wonderful holiday in Magalluf and the Balearics in general and explains how the British government has been helping advise tourists to stay safe while on holiday.

As part of the “Stick with your mates” campaign, the FCO and the Balearic authorities want to bring an end to tragic events on holiday in Magalluf and the Balearics.

Research has shown that the majority of accidents involve tourists getting split up from their group of friends and the message is simple, look out for each other, don’t let friends wander off on their own, stay in a group chat and keep an eye on your drinks.

Also know the rules before you travel to ensure you enjoy a great holiday for yourselves and everyone around you.

Milen stressed the desire for everyone to have a holiday they will remember, not one they would rather regret. The Balearics is an amazing place.