Xavier Pasquet, Director of Tourism, Calvia talks to Mallorca Bulletin Editor Jason Moore. | Youtube: oliverstuart

The Director for Tourism on the Calvia Council, Xavier Pasquet, said that excessive drinking in Magalluf was causing some major problems from public safety issues to complaints form residents. He said that he was very proud of all the changes which have been taking place with 70 percent of hotels in the resort being four or five stars.

Pasquet said that they were looking forward to a the dawn of a new era in Magalluf, helped in no small part by the major investment by hotel and leisure companies and also the Balearic government crackdown.

"British tourism will always be welcome in Magalluf. It is not a case of where they come from, it is a case of behaviour," he said. "This legislation is about staying safe while on holiday. We want people to enjoy themselves without getting absolutely drunk."

The Director for Tourism said that Magalluf was looking forward to a great season. "Our message is enjoy your holiday, discover the joys of our municipality and stay safe at all times..."