user Morgan | about 1 month ago

Fred - the problem you sense isn't a "German" problem. The transformation of the handful of British dominant areas to "European" dominant is the result of Britain's own choices. You can't blame this one on foreigners. They're the ones with money now.

tranq | 2 months ago

I have played golf many times over the years at Son Vida and we used to have a game. How many tower cranes can you count from one spot.. I think the best was 15. Then add to that the taca taca taca of the rock breakers. We used to say why does anyone live here ? Its the end of an era and the headline is perfect. No not the Maccas, after 47 years I have just bought my last printed DB. From now on its all online, thats progress. One regret, the pages of small ads on a sunday back in the day. The stuff I have bought from there is incredible. Flight tickets, heating systems, guns and probably a kitchen sink or two. Can anyone recommend the best local online ads now ?

user Just | 2 months ago

Not the smartest move if they want to sell their villa.

user Morgan | 2 months ago

It's probably worth pointing out that there are some people (I've know a few) who've lived here for 20 years, yet know of very little else but Palma, Andratx and the airport. I reckon the same could be true for some living in Son Vida.

user Morgan | 2 months ago

In this case, they're gushing about how much they love Mallorca, but Son Vida just isn't liveable anymore. As if that's the only place that people can live. Well, there actually are other, far better places to live than Son Vida. Especially if you have a Son Vida budget.

user Zoltan | 2 months ago

Andy - or maybe we have more important things going on in our lives than to care about where minor celebrities live, unlike you obviously.

user Andy | 2 months ago

I'm interested. I guess Zoltan and Morgan are just green eyed monsters as they could never afford to live in Son Vida.

user Marvin | 2 months ago

Sadly it’s not just Son Vida, it’s happening elsewhere on the island too. If the Mallorcans are not careful they will allow the island to be turned into an over-developed, charmless, concreted dump. It’s all down to short-term greed with no long-term plan or vision. Just meaningless words about sustainable, quality blah blah!

user Fred | 2 months ago

We moved out of Son Vida a few years ago. Totally agree with this article. The noise is unbelievable. All the roads have concrete lumps over them where the concrete leaks out of the lorries. Every house is identikit modern white box glass and steel with no gardens purely aimed at the German market. The whole place is turning German and they are all rude and noisy neighbours. APUSV the residents association run by Ivan is worse than useless. The place is now unliveable.

user Morgan | 2 months ago

Ok, your choice. But in case you hadn't noticed, there are far better places to live in Mallorca than Son Vida.