Morgan Williams Morgan Williams | over 2 years ago

@jack Yeah, one bloke used to tell me that the reason foreigners are all such bad drivers is because they all drive on the wrong side of the road, as if it's perfectly acceptable. And over here, if you even try to drive on the *correct* side of the road, you're almost guaranteed to be involved in an accident, and worse yet, you'll be blamed for it! Crazy, eh? Bloody foreigners! So, yeah, better off just to avoid driving at all. Very dangerous. Good thinking, mate.

Rich Jack Rich Jack | over 2 years ago

I'll keep my uk license thanks, no wish to increase my chance of death by driving over here. The bus service is great. A nice chilled way to start your working day.

Morgan Williams Morgan Williams | over 2 years ago

@david - it's the constant stream of exceptionslism. Brits are always supposed to be treated special, because it's presumed "they need us". It's actually a bit amusing, because outside that special island of uber-hubris, nobody else buys it. It's a validation of the common British stereotypes, and inevitably results in roll eyes 🙄. Yet brits can't seem to fathom why. It's always a chuckle to watch. Keep it up.

user A A | over 2 years ago

Great to see this issue getting profile finally. Spain is one of the last countries in Europe (may even be the only one?) that won't allow Brits to swap their licence. But putting that aside, please note that the UK recognises Spanish licences even today and **doesn't even require** Spanish living permanently in the UK to swap them at all. Finally, note that Greece has recently announced that all Brits and Americans can now use their licences in Greece (even if a resident) without any requirement to swap. How simple is that? For sure, Brexit has been a huge pain in the bum, but it never needed to be this hard.

user David Holland | over 2 years ago

Actually Ulla. Fact check the U.K. recognises all European Union and ECC national drivers licences. You can also exchange those licenses for a U.K. one on expiration. It’s nothing to do with special or entitlement it’s about maturity. And excepting equivalence of others. Sure I agree if you visit or live in another’s country you follow their rules. I had to in the gulf and other such enlightened places. My next door neighbours are German and have lived here 5 years. They Have no intention to go back, why because the Northumberland & Newcastle people have made them welcome. They are part of the 6 million European Union & ECC nationals that have chosen that option, and have had a similar experience. Sometimes reading anti British comments on this site you would think we where a nation of child eaters. Some boarders on racist and indicates Brexit has shocked many in the eu more than the U.K. however I must admit I do bait Morgan on occasion just to get a rise out of him.

Morgan Williams Morgan Williams | over 2 years ago

Well, first, the entire headline is misleading. Spanish residents *must* obtain a, Spanish driving licence, no matter where they come from. EU or not. @david. I have no doubt that one of the requirements of residence in the UK is that you must obtain a UK driving licence if you choose to drive in the UK as a resident. As would be in virtually any country on the planet. But not for Britons, eh? We're special. Not like those common foreigners that seem to be everywhere you go abroad.

user Sheree Parkin | over 2 years ago

Charlie CoolWell said Charlie Cool. Just one comment on something you said about "burying their head in the sand". I don't think this is the case, only that they thought they were clever avoiding obeying the law, which for an EU citizen is (which the UK citizen's were before Brexit): after two years of being a resident in Spain you MUST legally exchange your drivers license. This law was in effect well before Brexit was even thought about. The problem has arised as many of those who didn't exchange their driver's license probably weren't even registered as a resident either.

user Ulla Jackson | over 2 years ago

International license is only valid for one year. David Holland, would you take same view if people from EU in UK needed to change their licence but didn't do so on time? Doubt it. Some British think they are special and all countries should bend over. Either you accept any countries rules and abide by them or just leave.

user David Holland | over 2 years ago

Morgan of course you can settle in the U.K. if you can meet the requirements. Sorry about tax registration we all have that cross to bare. You could reduce that of course by using a electric car which have little road user tax, they are also very safe cars to use as they can’t travel very far so less chance of an accident.

Morgan Williams Morgan Williams | over 2 years ago

Oh, goody. Does this mean I can come and settle in the UK without having to get a UK driving licence? How about tax registration? Can I avoid that too?