user Morgan Williams | 3 months ago

You may have a different view from inside the British bubble of hubris, but in a global view, Britain isn't important enough to the EU or the rest of the world to be "spiteful". You may not be aware of it, but it isn't only Brits that this applies to, and the EU isn't the only place that charges for this. Although it's understandable that you might believe only Britain matters. To you, anyway. Especially now that Britain is becoming increasingly isolated and chaotic, you need to believe they're all "out to get you". Because it makes you feel important. But rest assured, to everybody else, you're hardly a blip on the radar. C'est la Vie.

user Brett Dennis | 3 months ago

It's a load of nonsense, just EU spite. There are so many countries in the world where there is an automatic visa ( no charge ) for a stay of 3 months on entry with a British passport.

Stephen Grimmer Stephen Grimmer | 3 months ago

Alan RobertsonWhy on earth would a British tourist holidaying in Turkey be reading, let alone commenting in a Mallorcan newspaper? Unless of course you are a Spanish resident, in which case it does not apply to you

user Andrew Millar | 3 months ago

As Sara says scaremongering so another form to fill in we have had locator forms vaccination certificates to show and we done it Obviously the journalist have a quiet day

user Morgan Williams | 3 months ago

@harry The US raised the ESTA fee to $21 this year. The ETIAS fee is 7€ and lasts 3 years. So, if 7€ ETIAS is going to halt British tourism to Europe, with all the implied economic consequences for Europeans, then think what a $21 ESTA fee will do to the US. This is one of the most laughable fury and outrage stories I've read lately. This and the driving licence nonsense.

user Harry Okin | 3 months ago

Morgan WilliamsI've been traveling to the States for decades and have never paid to enter, other than the $14 ESTA which lasts 2 years. What fee are you on about??

user Ulla Jackson | 3 months ago

Alan RobertsonTurkey is such democratic country with the despot Erdogan, but hey it's cheap so who cares, I guess that's ok

user Morgan Williams | 3 months ago

Well, the USA charges $21, which is roughly 3 x the price of Europe. No doubt the US will be impoverished without British tourists, who can't afford 7€ let alone $21.

user David Holland | 3 months ago

Wonder if eu enforce this in the east and south . Reading that list most wandering around Calais would not meet those requirements. Fellow Brits it’s worth the 6 quid if it stops that problem. But honestly I don’t think it will.

user Alan Robertson | 3 months ago

That's why iam in Turkey now,they don't want tourists folk will vote with there feet.