user Lol | about 1 year ago

I have a home in Spain Canary Islands and am impacted greatly by this rule. Yes I am British but I am also European. I am half Greek from my mother but was used to spending much time with my late husband in the Canaries and indeed just under 50% of my time, until Brexit. I am now over 70 years of age and feel too old to start dealing with another tax agency where I do not understand the language. Unless anything is done to change things I will be unable to visit any other European country for the rest of my life, as naturally I want to spend what time I am allowed, in my second home where I have many friends that I have made over the past 40 and more years. I had intended to visit Croatia this year....but now that also is off the table. I now look for holidays outside Schengen. There are many people in my seems so short sighted of the EU to limit the amount of tourist revenue in this way. For myself it would suit if a property owner was allowed 180 days in 360 and that this did not impact travel to the rest of Schengen. I realise everyone will have different thoughts on this subject but felt I had to give my own.

Morgan Williams Morgan Williams | about 1 year ago

Ulla JacksonDoes it matter what anybody else thinks? After all, they're foreigners. Fog, channel, continent.

user Ulla Jackson | about 1 year ago

Morgan WilliamsI know people from the UK are not foreigners abroad, they are British! At least in their own eyes, but not by any one else, that's the difference.

Morgan Williams Morgan Williams | about 1 year ago

James THe's British and must not tolerate being treated like a foreigner ... especially by foreigners. Convinced he's been liberated from all that rot, he'd vote for it all again, by jingo 🇬🇧

user James T | about 1 year ago

There is an idiot who owns an apartment in my community. He's constantly complaining about not being allowed to spend autumn, winter and spring here. I initially felt sorry for him, thinking he was an innocent victim of BREXIT... Then he told me he voted for BREXIT and would do so again!!! How many others are out there, whingeing about 90/180 or driving licenses or the €6 visa, who also voted for it?!??

user Ulla Jackson | about 1 year ago

Stan The ManSo that is a reason for flaunting the rule? You mean feel sorry for me? You overstay your time in any other country, no matter even for health reason you will have to face the fines. Is there an acceptance reason to overstay the time in the UK? I believe not

user Ulla Jackson | about 1 year ago

Stephen McCartneySulking?! It's a bit tiring hearing about that expression. Maybe the oven ready deal was not oven ready at all. Brexit was obviously ok to 52% in general terms but not in details. However as the UK government, either didn't bother to read the details or didn't cared, it still is their mistake and nyit that EU is "sulking". Own it rather than blaming others.

Morgan Williams Morgan Williams | about 1 year ago

Fog in the channel.

user David Holland | about 1 year ago

Stephen McCartneyWell most families incomes in Europe “ the continent not the Union “ Have suffered at least a 5% destruction of discretionary spending , many much more. That along with choice of destinations opening up this is going to spread the jam thin for years to come. From the volume holiday market. Rich folk will aways have money so can be a reliable market and earner. Artificial Limited access to that market is foolish at best but political sulking can seriously damage working folks wealth.

user Stephen McCartney | about 1 year ago

I'm sure this problem will be resolved once the EU has finished sulking. In the meantime, it is committed to causing Brexit problems even if this requires biting off its nose to spite its face.