user Morgan Williams | 5 months ago

MaltIsn't "common" a big attraction for Brits? But yes, the restrictions on stupified drunkenness, balcony jumping, public sex and all that must be a real turn off for many Brits. And it's bloody difficult to find a 3* hotel anymore. Good job they only account for only a small fraction of tourism here. Enjoy Benidorm! You happy. We happy. Everybody happy.

user Malt | 5 months ago

Shaun1Think ongoing restrictions, prices and commonality of the place play big parts

user Malt | 5 months ago

I am in my 60s and have stopped going to the Balerics because they have become too expensive for what they offer, I live in Barcelona, and apart from the prices going up and up,I also got fed up with ongoing restrictions by the powers that be. Used to enjoy my relaxed all inclusive breaks, now being restricted, so prefer to go elsewhere for an overall relaxed experience at cheaper prices .

user Shane Kendrick | 5 months ago

Piers de-VillneuveWell I love Mallorca... do not give a toss about the prices . I have come away for a holiday so money goes out the window .... Not seen one drunken yob Piers.... There are better places than Magaluf you know 😀

user David Holland | 5 months ago

Shaun1That opinion has some influence according to mr O’Leary. But maybe the market has changed a bit. Long weekend City breaks are now popular among younger types. And the UAE market is booming from my regional. But I think Majorca will always be popular if it’s offering stays current and welcoming. 60 years of holiday History tells that story.

user Zoltan Teglas | 5 months ago

Richard PearsonTrip advisor are talking **** if they think people are going to the places I listed because Mallorca is too expensive. Have you been to any of those places? All of them are more expensive than Mallorca.

user Shaun1 | 5 months ago

I think the British are opting to go elsewhere due to the strikes planned in the summer by French air traffic control.

user Richard Pearson | 5 months ago

@Zoltan Are you annoyed that this goes against your never ending narrative that Mallorca is the place to go IF you can afford it ? Trip Advisor are suggesting the opposite.

user Zoltan Teglas | 5 months ago

Piers de-VillneuveBye then!

user Zoltan Teglas | 5 months ago

Yeah Mallorca is too expensive now so all those tourists are going to these cheap places instead; Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Dubai, New York City, Rome !!! And despite this total nonsense, Mallorca is set for another record breaking summer/year!