user Marvin Le Martian | 6 months ago

Am I allowed to do a pee in the sea now? Have they not yet rescinded that particularly ludicrous rule?

user Ulla Jackson | 6 months ago

I personally don't think it matters what speedlimit it is, as most drivers on this island, just as anywhere else, have not learned to read figures. If there is a chance to put the foot down, they do it, regardless what the signs says.

user Morgan Williams | 6 months ago

tranq tranquerWho cares? Back to the point: Clearly this has nothing to do with sensible governance. It's entirely about politics - spitting on the previous government. Rather trumpian, it appears. That's not the kind of behaviour I expected from them. But they knew it would be popular with their supporters. I hope everything else they do isn't entirely about politics. Then it may very well end up resembling a train wreck. And yes, 100kmh seems to make more sense than 120kmh, but good job the previous government didn't do that. The PP would have to make it 150kmh to achieve the same effect. What's next? Legalising public drunkenness, uninhabitable tourist lets, balcony jumping? I suspect that would be popular with some of their supporters, and certainly would be a perfect spit in the face to the previous government. Although might tend to scare away those who spend money.

tranq tranquer tranq tranquer | 6 months ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Gabriel Morgan Show. At time of writing Gabriel has 37 likes,19 dislikes from 6 posts. Morgan has 20 likes and 35 dislikes from 4 posts. This is not pure science so I haven't done a word count but we Brits like the underdog so Come On Morgan !!! On a personal note after living for business in the Palma/Calvia area for 20 years I am now happily ensconced in a country finca on the east side of the island. Whenever I go to Palma which is rarely I am astonished ( overwhelmed) by the amount of traffic. I came to live here in the 70's, just at the end of " La Isla de la Calma" Why do people still want to come here ? Exchanging the M25 for the Palma ring road seems pointless to me.

Robert MacDonald Robert MacDonald | 6 months ago

apart from residential and school roads there should not be a limit but the emphasis should be on the penalty for driving without due care and attention! Just because there is a limit doesnt mean its safe to drive at that speed.

user Jason D | 6 months ago

Andy Wright100%

user Gabriel | 6 months ago

Morgan WilliamsSo we agree, there is a law and people don't respect it. And that causes most of the accidents there. Because you don't know what the other one is doing and you don't expect it. It's my pleasure to continue the dialogue, as long as we stay rational (you can't drive like a bat out of hell in heavy traffic, nobody does that). I don't defend pp, if you've noticed, my first comment is criticizing them for not accepting a law that was finally settig right something that this island needed. But no, they are not changing these things because the other party set them like that. They do it because of the high amount of critics regarding the airport-Palma lane and because of almost nobody respecting the 80 limit on the via, which makes it obsolete. That's why.

user Morgan Williams | 6 months ago

GabrielOK, so we went from the speed limit to people not signalling. Now it's the ley de la vivienda? Are they causing accidents too? Surely there should be a law against laws like that. Or not.

user Morgan Williams | 6 months ago

GabrielOh, it's because people don't signal. Right, then. Yeah, there should be a law against that. Oh, Wait, I think there might be a law against that. But if it was the previous government that imposed it, no doubt the PP will abolish it straight away. Because, you know, it's not a free country if some commie government imposes such inconveniences on the population. They should just stay out of it and let people make their own decisions about whether to signal or not (or drive like a bat out of hell in heavy traffic) Right?

user Gabriel | 6 months ago

GabrielI'd like if someone that doesn't agree with my comment about the ley de la vivienda could explain why. It might be that I'm missing something. Unless the down votes come from landlords. Then it's understandable. But i cant find one argument in favour of me as a tenant to have to pay the real estate agency fees, as long as i didn't hire them. If I hire them to find me a place, sure. But if the landlord hires them, why does the tenant have to pay? And this was one thing that this law was setting right. Well, fair, better said.