user Blas de Lezo | 8 months ago

Richard PearsonPlease,tell me why you live here?Do you remember Kenya?

user Ulla Jackson | 8 months ago

Richard PearsonMind your own business, Mr Pearson. If Sara has anything to comment on my writing, she is competent to write it directly to me.

user Richard Pearson | 8 months ago

Morgan WilliamsI didn’t write Thomas Cook.. I wrote Mr Thomas Cook on purpose. At least you have heard of him though and what he started. . Sorry, it was the English who dominated the first years in the Balearics. Did you read the article about the flying boats ? Enclave ? What enclave ? May I suggest that you leave your tiny village where you are the only Brit and see how the rest of us live ? You may get a surprise.

user Richard Pearson | 8 months ago

Ulla JacksonPlease don’t use capitals. Sara doesn’t like them.

Morgan Williams Morgan Williams | 8 months ago

Richard PearsonNice diversion attempt (if bleedin' obvious) ... ...but don't take my word for it. Leave the comfort of your little British enclave, and you'll see for yourself. And no, in terms of tourism, Mallorca has always been German dominant, along with other European nationalities. When combined, account for roughly 80% of tourism here. The rest is a combination of British, North Americans, Asians, South Americans... But you already knew that, right? By the way, Thomas Cook is owned by a Chinese company.

user Ulla Jackson | 9 months ago

Richard PearsonOnes and for all, NO-ONE needs to give up their passport as long as dual citizenship is allowed. I guess you don't have that option. Mr Person I think you live very much, too much in the past, talking with pride of colonising half of the world and refering to the war. Try accepting the world as it is now, and do not attacking any one person because in your world only "native speaking English" are ok, the rest in the UK or living abroad are not.

user Richard Pearson | 9 months ago

Morgan Williams“But Brits are a rarity outside of the British enclaves. That suggests (generally) a more insular mentality. As if that's any surprise” Your quote, not mine. You have obviously not heard or read about Mr Thomas Cook. Ask anyone who knows anything about the birth of tourism in Mallorca (and Menorca) and they will tell you that the English were the pioneers and bloody good clients as well. Apart from tourism, the English did a pretty job of colonising over half the globe, whilst spreading their language (English, not Welsh) to every corner of same. Even India adopted it as their lingua franca. The Germans didn’t even manage that with Poland. Not bad for uncivilised islanders you are continuously looking down on.

user Richard Pearson | 9 months ago

Mt Williams, when are you going to renounce your British nationality, burn your passport and declare yourself a citizen of the world ?. You could also start conversing with the rest of us in Welsh, instead of using MY national language which is English.

user Zoltan Teglas | 9 months ago

Palma Nova, Magaluf, Santa Ponca,Pollenca Port. That's where most Brits live so this article is nonsense.

Morgan Williams Morgan Williams | 9 months ago

Ulla JacksonMost all other nationalities can be found everywhere here. We live in a small village which of course is Mallorquin dominant, but there's also Germans, Swedish, French, Swiss... We're the only British nationals around. Not all speak Spanish well, but Europeans seem to pick up languages easily, all of them we know also speak English and Spanish rather fluently, in addition to their native language. We know a few that are fluent in 5 or more languages. But that's a cultural thing. Europeans in general are long accustomed to living with other cultures and languages. Since the beginning of time, they've always had to socialise and conduct business with their neighbours. So they learn lots of languages. And more recently, have learned not to fear their (foreign) neighbours. Most of the Germans we know who visit for holidays consciously avoid German hotspots. They're more interested in experiencing local (or some different) culture rather than meeting up with more Germans. The same generally applies to most other Europeans. And that may help explain why you can find Germans and other Europeans everywhere here. But Brits are a rarity outside of the British enclaves. That suggests (generally) a more insular mentality. As if that's any surprise.