user Sir Pure Blood | 5 months ago

Well dodgy bird. Obviously on the hunt for blind prospective husbands.... obviously breaking the rules of the competition !!

user Victor Maitland | 5 months ago

Loving the downvotes on our comments. I assume that the "celebrity" in question has clicked on to see all the 'likes'. This isn't Instagram.

user camila culverr | 5 months ago

Definitely has that bathing suit on upside down. Vulgarity at it's finest.

user Richard Pearson | 5 months ago

Jason had two good reasons to publish this article. The third one was to give the moderator something to do.

user Christopher Grubb | 5 months ago

Who gives a damn. This "article" should embarrass anybody at the MDB who would describe themselves as a "journalist". Shame on you MDB. This is truly the lowest level of journalism, reporting on somebody who made a brief appearance on a low rating tv show, that nobody has ever heard of and compounding this she only gets attention because of the top she wears.....shows how desperate she is for attention.

user Victor Maitland | 5 months ago

Did their press secretary email you this 'story' and photos? Nobody would know who this was walking along the front.

user Victor Maitland | 5 months ago


tranq tranquer tranq tranquer | 5 months ago

One word - GROSS

Stephen G Stephen G | 5 months ago

I'm so grateful to MDB for alerting me to this news. Pitiful!

Stephen G Stephen G | 5 months ago

This is absolutely pitiful 'reporting'. It is clear that nobody from MDB ever reads these comments as we continue to be subjected to these 'stories'.