user Msbennett | 5 months ago

I did get residency just in time prior to Brexit and enjoy life in Spain. However, the UK grants 6 months on arrival to all EU/EEA nationals and does not restrict how many days they stay out of the UK (without owning a home in UK). Also EU nationals (as I understand it) are still allowed to travel through E gates which means they are not receiving a stamp in there passport. It just needs to be a reciprocal agreement.

user Richard Pearson | 5 months ago

BlasterI am not saying that I disagree, but please explain then why there are so many people from Argentina working in the food and beverage industry in Mallorca. Don’t you think that instead of blaming foreigners you should be blaming your government for not building more public housing and for imposing such high income taxes. They could also lower the IVA on food to 0% (zero) like it is in the U.K. and not 10% like it is in Spain.

user Blaster | 5 months ago

MemeSo why didn't you get Spanish residency and why don't you get it now

user Blaster | 5 months ago

Burgundy BlueWhat happens when you cant spend your money because bars and restaurants close because local workers have no where to live and have to go the mainland away from friends and family and villages they grew up in

user Blaster | 5 months ago

ArnauVery well said. You are so correct .these British homeowners had the opportunity to gain Spanish residency before brexit and still can now. To many locals especially in the balerics islands are being forced to live on the mainland,away from family and friends and towns where we did grow up,because the homes are bought to be used as holiday homes ..they say they add to the economy with the money they spend , soon they will be no restaurants are bars open because they will be no staff to work in them when we have to live on mainland ..they chosen brexit if they didn't know what they vote for then maybe they should not have voted at all

user Richard Pearson | 5 months ago

GarymvWould I be right in saying that foreigners who purchase a property in Spain have to apply for and get an NIE number whether or not they intend to stay in Spain on a long term basis ? Getting the card is easy. I understand though that applying for a long term residency was and is not as simple and easy as you suggest, especially when it involves other family members. Many home owners, whichever country they are from, find the Spanish tax system difficult to navigate and the taxes very onerous and not at all beneficial to their financial interests. And they are getting worse every year that passes.

user Garymv | 5 months ago

Hi, I live in Spain and know a lot of British homeowners here are in the same position as the above. Most are complaining about the 90 day rule but when I asked why they didn't apply for residency once Brexit was voted for the reply was ......"well we didn't think it would come to this" They had 3years to do it and it was easy , put 6 grand in the bank, go the police with passport, address and bank statement and bobs ya uncle a temporary residency.....NIE number and a green card. Then you could go for the longer 5 year residency increased to 10 years after this. Now it's a whole heap of trouble and time...... question is if you've owned a home here for years , why wouldn't you do it?? the pandemic is a popular excuse.....but Brexit happened long before the pandemic 👍

user Burgundy Blue | 5 months ago

“But… but… but… British tourists spend money when in Spain so contribute to the local economy.” I’ve just returned to my home in Cala Rajada after visiting my daughter in London. My God, the price of EVERYTHING there is staggeringly eye-watering. It would appear that visitors to the UK are contributing massively to the UK economy too, so that makes your original point rather moot.

user Richard Pearson | 5 months ago

Ulla JacksonFair enough. Let’s see what happens.

Arnau Arnau | 5 months ago

Brexit is what it is. If you were against it, you should have put more effort in convincing your family and friends of its short-term consequences. I do not have sympathy for those saying now that they will be forced to sell their home. Tourist might spend money in Spain but they are the main cause of the exponential increase of living cost. Young spaniards like me can barely buy or rent a property due to the overflood of retired tourist purchasing and renting here. I am sorry you have to live with the consequences of the Brexit but I want to keep living in my town/city. I think I have that right.