user James Walker | 5 months ago

What a load of nonsense, I have a friend who is a National Police officer, who I spoke with and he told me it's nonsense don't worry about it. Scare mongering nonsense we now expect from MDB. Just another lie and poor journalism from the media,

user John Pitts | 5 months ago

Sorry, posted the same three times and don’t know why, but also don’t know how to delete!

user John Pitts | 5 months ago

Richard PearsonThe obsession with stories, sometimes with little truth, about how is Brits are suffering over the 90 day rule and other measures (actual, possible now or just fantastical) and that apply to every other country on the world outside the EU, is to me, and I suspect many other readers of TMB, excruciating and embarrassing. If the paper is, as you intimate, kept going by someone that is doing so for altruistic reasons, then I find the content all the more excruciating and embarrassing as her attempt at maintaining English speaking news has been hijacked by the people she is employing for their own absurd agendas.

user Richard Pearson | 5 months ago

John PittsCould you expand on that so that this slightly retarded (only slightly many would say) reader could understood what you mean ?

user John Pitts | 5 months ago

Richard PearsonFair comment but it almost makes some of the content more excruciating and embarrassing.

user Richard Pearson | 5 months ago

Peter, nobody forces you to read a FREE online newspaper. I very much doubt that you could mention anywhere else in the Mediterranean that has a DAILY English newspaper that keeps you updated with the local news. Just because some things aren’t of any interest to you doesn’t mean that they aren’t to others. I also doubt that it makes much money, so thank your lucky stars that a local Mallorquin business lady is prepared to subsidise it with income made from her other business interests.

Morgan Williams Morgan Williams | 5 months ago

Richard PearsonYes, sure. The price is 550€ per night (650 for you) + tourist tax. This year, we still have a few nights available in October. Most of November and December is still mostly available, Christmas & new years are booked. Otherwise, 2025 has only a smattering of bookings so far, so you may be in luck. We do need IDs from each adult, but have never heard of any of the nonsense in this article, nor aware of any legal obligation to process it. Until I receive official notice, I'll chalk it up to sensationalism. When were you planning to go into hiding? And how many other refugees will be with you?

user Peter Perfect | 5 months ago

What utter nonsense. Have the staff at MDB*%^ got nothing better to report. Seriously!!

user o b | 5 months ago

If you invite friends it must be very good and trustworthy firends, and make sure they will leave after 90 days. And make sure they have a good health insurrance. Whatever costs they provoke, it's on you. These rules for invitees from non EU countries exist for ages. There was a time when it was popular to hand out invitations for visa applications of newly made friends from Africa. This rule was meant to stop the habit.

Per Tourette Per Tourette | 5 months ago

Again that word that's doing the heavy lifting 'could'