user Fred-T | over 6 years ago

Yep fair point Andrew, no more from me. Is a little bit funny though you have to admit ;-)

user Andrew Ede | over 6 years ago

Ok, people, yellow card time. This website will not accept the trading of personal insults or comments that might be construed to be against common decency. Lively debate, fierce argument, yes, but not insults. Let's keep things as civilised as possible, please. Thanks.

user Denny | over 6 years ago

Wow, seems like quite a few villages in Mallorca have lost their idiots recently.

user Fred-T | over 6 years ago

In one of the other articles on this site Simon Tow suggests that in order to comment on this site then your IQ should be greater than 120 I disagree it would be a shame to lose Mike

user Steve James | over 6 years ago

Sorry Mike, I am a little confused, due to your poor command of the English language. Are you the uncouth Mike from the other article, lets call that person Idiot 1 or are you the easily offended Mike below, herein known as Idiot 2. Please clarify, as if you are the same Mike as below 'Idiot 2' I am confused how you could be so easily offended and then come out with aggression and profanities? Many thanks, Steve. PS the site let's you use punctuation!

user Mike | over 6 years ago

Steve you need to apologise pretty rapid your full of shit don't throw accusations around it would certainly get you smack in the mouth should I ever come across you there is more than one person in the world with the name Mike asshole and it happens the one you suspect isn't the one your mouthing about

user Steve James | over 6 years ago

ps This is the same Mike that 3 articles down tells us to "stuff the (Mallorcan) government right up the a@@@". I suspect that if anyone gets investigated on this website by the authorities with his IP address, it may well be him. Good luck with that Mike, what a hypocrite!

user Anthony | over 6 years ago

LOL, just showed my French flatmate Arnaud these postings, he laughed and quoted Napoleon Bonaparte and said "England is a nation of shopkeepers and Mike's shop must be very small".

user Steve James | over 6 years ago

Surely that Mike guy below is winding us up? If he isnt then He clearly doesnt use twitter. Watch TV or get out very much. How can he think the below is racism? Mike have you ever been to France were they constantly slag of the British dress sense and food. They call us les rosbiffs as a derogatory comment. Nigel Farage sits in front of the EU parliament and derides every politician and nation in the EU on TV and nothing gets done. But you think the comments below are worthy of police time?? Get a life.

user Fred-T | over 6 years ago

Mike, no offence but apart from one comment below, the rest point out that the French like to strike and that the air traffic controllers in France strike more than any other nationality and any other sector in Europe. This would be fine if it affected just the French. But it doesnt, it affects Spain and the UK massively. Dont dare come on here and defend people who have striked 11 times this year already and cost British airlines tens of thousands of pounds!