user Andy Rawson | over 6 years ago

When a UK tourist uses the Spanish health system with the EHIC card, the cost is added to the UK bill. We a Spanish tourist uses the UK health system with the EHIC card, the cost is added to the Spanish bill. At the end of the year the two figures are compared and the difference is paid up. This could (and should) still go on after Brexit takes place (if it ever does) because it is a mutual agreement. The only difference is it won't be a European agreement, it will a nation to nation agreement. Well that is how it was explained to me.

user Steve | over 6 years ago

S. The EHIC is for visiting tourists, - not residents. To answer your questions in order : Yes it does. Yes it will. You'll be treated for emergencies only. Yes they can. Who knows.

user Steve | over 6 years ago

How is it free if you have to pay tax to get it, - same goes for kids education. The article is nonsemse.

user holidaymaker | over 6 years ago

I agree with you wolfgang you should only get free healthcare if you pay into the system ..not when your on holiday and that is for everyone no matter what country you live in.The article gives the impression that Britex will mean no free health care but people didnt get it anyway. If your resident in Spain you have to pay into medical care you dont get it free with or without the EU Tourists get free Emergancy healthcare but only if your in the country for less than 4 weeks.

user Wolfgang | over 6 years ago

Seems like there is some confusion below. Let's clear this up, if you are resident and pay income tax, you should get healthcare, if not, bugger off (same applies to Spaniards in UK)

user Steve | over 6 years ago

The article quotes " health care in Spain for registered British residents is part of an EU regulation..." - this is FALSE !

user Steve | over 6 years ago

Humphrey, that is not what was stated in the article, or what we are talking about.

user Humphrey Carter | over 6 years ago

Steve, my mother, for example, is retired here and she is registered etc. and is entitled to free health care on the Spanish system, she is using it right now, unfortunately, and my late father did before.

user holidaymaker | over 6 years ago

As Steve said people visiting Spain just get emergency health care and your card only covers you if your staying in Spain for short visits. You still need to take out travel insurance to get you back to England if your ill to travel and need doctors to travel back with you or maybe an ambulance. If i were to live in Spain I would need private healthcare ? I think only people living in a country can decide what happens in that country and that goes for all countries. How could a person decide what they want a country to do if they dont live in it ?

user S | over 6 years ago

Wondering if EHIC facility remains valid. Will it be valid for Spanish people in UK?. (For the next two years.} Can I use the local health service etc., and can the Spanish continue to use the National Health services in UK ?. 'Brexit' may take longer than two years. I predict 5 years and another referendum !!!.