user Mike Solleric | over 7 years ago

Sorry but I share the same opinion as Wolfgang . I am sure more people think that way but do not bother or do not dare to publish it. I have the same type of approach and related to my region (Port of Soller) I would be in favor not to make the tunnel toll-free ( MDB 13/10° but to raise the price just to keep a certain type of people out Just use it in cases of emergency by emergency vehicles Still dreaming of the time there was no tunnel and no people with their little plastic straw hats placed too high on their heads

user AnnM | over 7 years ago

Wolfgang has proven the point that money may buy a lot of things but it most certainly cannot buy good manners, courtesy to others and humility to name but a few admirable character traits. On our 30 plus visits to Majorca we have not only enjoyed the beautiful island and its people, made many friends, seen many changes, not all for the better, and have been welcomed back with warmth and been helped through a difficult time, all without having pots of money to spend. I wonder how any Majorcan people will welcome him with open arms for himself and not merely for his money. I am so glad he does not represent the Majorcan.people that my husband and I know and love.

user Tom | over 7 years ago

Wolfgang you need to get back to the real world it's not your country your just a lodger in it

user Wolfgang | over 7 years ago

Henry, that's simply untrue and you clearly haven't been to many hotels in Mallorca over the years. Many people on this site have villas and talk like you about Mallorcans losing jobs if tourists go away. The reality is that a huge proportion of workers in Mallorca are from the mainland, Argentina and other South American countries. They wouldnt come here if jobs declined. The impact on Mallorcans if tourism dropped 29/30% would be nowhere near as bad as most of the ignorant people on this site think!

user Henry | over 7 years ago

Wolfgang. Many of Mallorcas resorts and hotels are behind the rest of Europe in presentation and quality. If you lose the mid range of tourist many on the island will lose their jobs.

user Wolfgang | over 7 years ago

The working class Steve, Mike and Davers of the world make me laugh. They think Mallorca should be a cheap place that all people from Britain can go to. They treat it like a British colony. Why should low spending poor people have the right to destroy Mallorca's resources. Those people cant afford and aren't welcome to stay in hotels in London, play golf at St Andrews, eat at Le Manoir, go to Henley, have a season ticket at Arsenal etc. The list goes on so many things low spenders are excluded from in your country, yet you want them to pile into our country on mass, spend nothing, use our water and trash the place. I have never known such bigots!

user Steve | over 7 years ago

Well, if it becomes too full of Wolfgang's rich tourists, we can expect a lot more of the "looky-looky" pals, - the "looky- takey's"" . Not such good news.

user Mike | over 7 years ago

I see the immigrant Wolfgang has reared his ugly head well said Simon Wolfgang should be in the photo shoot he sounds as gormless as they do

user Simon Tow | over 7 years ago

Do you think the two imbeciles in the photo, staring at you gormlessly, either realise or even care ?.

user Steve Riches | over 7 years ago

Hardly a surprise from politicians who always see easy money as a way to impose what they want upon people. Taxes are a necessary way to run a decent society but this tax has always been one where it is a case of getting some easy money then arguing later about how it may be spent; in other words, the greed has preceded the need. If current fiscal conditions persist then any increased tourist tax will be a disaster...even the current level of the tax has only worked because Mallorca has been viewed this year as one of the safest destinations.