user Liz | over 5 years ago

We used Birmingham last winter as there were three flights a week to Mallorca, just checked their schedule and nothing is showing for Mallorca flights for this coming winter !! Looks like we'll all be off to the worst airport ever, Stanstead

user Mike | over 5 years ago

Most people are under the impression that it is not profitable to fly ! With the cost of keeping an aircraft on the ground as opposed to being in the air it is only sensible to keep it flying the costs involved in mothballing an aircraft for the winter doesn't bare thinking about ? With the amount of aircraft they have you wouldn't have enough winter passengers to put them on other routes , there is more to this tan they are letting on ?

user Steve | over 5 years ago

Maybe the flights dont make money because the tight fisted Scots dont buy any food or drink on the plane. Ive been on a flight from Glasgow, they all bring their home made sandwiches. No one hss factored this into the profitability argument!

user Geoff Smith | over 5 years ago

I have flights booked into Palma from Manchester next December and January 2018 so confused by your report. The flights this winter have all been full and well used so can't really see why Ryanair would want to stop the flights!

user Steve Palma Nova | over 5 years ago

You have to assume that the airlines see it as unprofitable. With winter return flights for as little as £30, and only flying 3 days a week you can see why. We need the hotels to be open to increase the demand, end of story I think.

user Robert | over 5 years ago

Well, evidence seems to be that EDI service was well used. If it was unprofitable, why. Ryanair set the fare levels. Is it a case that Mr O'Leary isn't getting the cheaper winter landing slots he wantef at Palma?

user Lizz | over 5 years ago

Steve there's nothing wrong with northerners, honest friendly and perhaps the bit you dont like is they know the value of a pound regardless of their wealth. if you get ripped off in Mallorca you can bet they have a certain accent

user holidaymaker | over 5 years ago

I flew from Edinburgh to Mallorca in December and the flight was full but most people had paid about £30 return so I dont think it was profitable for ryanair. Maybe if they had chosen Newcastle to fly out to Mallorca in the winter they would have had a larger catchment area.

user Jonathan | over 5 years ago

Peculiar that there is more demand seen for flights to Carcassonne ,Nantes and Toulouse from Edinburgh non of which are a million miles it more to do with Palma airport?

user PollyMB | over 5 years ago

We flew in November, December, January and February to Palma from Edinburgh and each flight was full!