user Anne | over 5 years ago

Such a shame have enjoyed visiting puerto pollensa for twenty years ,after a visit in June and being herded in the airport and all the publicity about not wanting tourists we have sadly decided not to visit until both the system and the attitude towards visitors changes .

user Ann Morrison | over 5 years ago

They say be careful what you wish for. I think next year they will get it, Fewer tourists.

user dawn Lane | over 5 years ago

The mallorquins are doing everything they can to bankrupt the country. No tourism means no income for the country but hey! militants don't think that way. To them its all about the principal of socialism - spend someone else's money for very little input.

user Algy | over 5 years ago

Having come to Mallorca several times a year for fortyfive years, have decided that the proposed October visit is off. Now in our eighties, cannot cope with hassle of Palma airport. As a bar owner friend once said, without tourists we would all be peasants !

user Miserablereader | over 5 years ago

Two of us are booked into a flat arriving 15th September and leaving on the 22nd so congratulations to the strikers for putting our holiday in doubt. I can only hope that you all suffer the same disruption when you want to travel. Florida for us next year !

user JJ | over 5 years ago

Was due to come back in Sept. I won't bother now untill next year, its not worth the hassle. Sad.

user Paul | over 5 years ago

Are they mad the island on a low with sh. T that goes in U.K.papers every week to strike could just push the knife in thoughter it's not as if they work hard all year round lolll

user JohnP | over 5 years ago

Thought they were on strike last Thursday when arrived, 60 minutes wait for luggage,no taxis,then very slow procession of taxis driving to rank,another 20 mins wait.This island has a lot in common with the late Charles Bronson. Death Wish!

user MelB | over 5 years ago

Airport queues, anti tourist demonstrations, holiday renting fiasco, taxi strikes, proposed increase in tourist tax and now an airport strike!! Couple this with the rude and arrogant attitude of many restaurant staff(I've lost count of the number my wife and I have walked out of) and is it any wonder that this beautiful island has lost its appeal for many.

user Les C | over 5 years ago

Also the end of the October half term week. Those families wanting a last week in hopefully some sun, may be able to get to Majorca, but may struggle to get back on Friday 27th October. This is also when some airlines start their winter schedules. I hate to say this, but at least, the strikers are not on strike during the peak summer season. Let's just hope all parties can get around the negotiating table and sort this out before it gets out of hand.