user Lawrie | over 5 years ago

I hear what you say Geoff but the unskilled, the people you're talking about, are always the lowest paid because they can be replaced at the drop of a hat, its the same in every society. Tourism at least gives them a purpose in life albeit a meagre one. A lot Better than sitting about all day relying on benefits. Also you trainers do make a difference. These people who earn, i dont know, about a couple of dollars a day would otherwise be scrambling about rubbish heaps to survive.

user Geoff | over 5 years ago

Steve, I hear that comment all the time 'Tourism brings Wealth'. I hear it from the servers in bars and restaurants who work 12 hour days, six days a week and then get laid off when the tourists leave. I hear it from the chambermaids that get paid 2 euros per room to clean everything up and meet the high expectations of the hotel guests. They also get laid off when the tourists leave. I hear it from the Emaya employees who have to pick up ten times more garbage during the high season for the same amount of money. Wealth is like cream, it rises to the top and it does not filter down to those who are busting themselves to provide service while making next to nothing. You need 10 euros a hour to live modestly in Mallorca. A chambermaid therefore has to clean five rooms an hour, eight hours a day to make ends meet. I would not want to clean 40 rooms a day for 80 euros. That is like cleaning six houses from top to bottom. In fact tonight at Plaça de España, there is a demonstration by the hotel chambermaids. I used to think the way everyone else does until I moved here and stopped being a tourist and started being a resident. I also used to think the 150 dollars I was paying for my Nike runners helped make lives better in Indonesia or some other third world country. I once visited the Amazon Jungle and went to a small town that had modern paved streets and houses. I asked my guide why? He said the oil company had paid for everything because they had polluted the surrounding area and the people living there had no form of income. Instead they now work for the very company that destroyed their lives. Some may feel that is a fair deal but is it? Again I will re-iterate that I am not anti-tourist but please do not think that tourism brings wealth to everyone because if you take the time to talk to the people in the trenches, they are not benefitting from all the money that rolls into me.

user Steve Riches | over 5 years ago

Tourism brings wealth. If you choose to live near the airport then move elsewhere: night flights have always been a way to bring in extra customers and the newer aeroplanes are much quieter - eg. the new Airbus now being operated by easyJet. In any case the flights either come down the centre of the island from the north, or in over the sea from the south - in either case it's only the final approach that afflicts a small residential footpront. If there were to be a quieter way to keep you wealthy then complain - but there isn't so stop moaning.

user John P | over 5 years ago

For many years have been coming for minimum of 10 weeks,always great,eat out ,shop local ,drink in bars.Can anyone from the shops .bars ,restaurants tell me why they put up with these politicians who come up with these anti tourist ideas,or have they made enough money and just do not care about those who rely on tourist spend.only 4 weeks next year,none of family coming. WAKE up you who rely on us the tourists who love your island!

user Emma | over 5 years ago

If the government is so concerned about pollution why on earth do they not encourage and support renewable energy? I refer particularly to solar panels...300+ days strong sunlight every year and not a watt available from solar. Endesa seem to be the only supplier. Now there is no apartments for visitors and now talk of limiting flights. This island will reap what it sows shortly; there are many many other places tourists can spend their hard earned cash, the Balearic Islands won't be on their radar.

user B17MCG | over 5 years ago

If as the government direction indicates ,they have less visitors ,will that not mean less flights as well. They just schedule all the flights into a time scale and the jobs done. Less tourists less flights. I assume that will also mean less jobs and less income as well, but maybe to compensate for that prices will increase and that in itself will reduce visitors and in turn increase unemployment . Not sure I understand the direction this is taking Majorca.

user Geoff | over 5 years ago

I moved here three years ago. I am definitely not anti-tourist because you are all right, without the tourist revenue, Mallorca would sink into the sea BUT do the math, over 800 flights a day. For those who live close to the airport, in Can Pastilla or Cala Gamba they have to live with this, not the people who live in other parts of Palma or the island. Stand in Es Carnatge and you will be amazed. As one is flying overhead another is just seconds away. We need to find balance and while the tourist revenue brings lots of added benefits, just think for a second about how the other half lives. There are two parts to this equation. Feel free to give lots of negative comments.......

user MelB | over 5 years ago

Is there anything else this destructive government can come up with to decimate tourism? Next year could be a disaster.

user Henry James | over 5 years ago

Don't worry,you will get your wish for fewer flights soon enough as more of us go where we are welcomed and wanted. Ask not for whom the bell tolls,it tolls for thee,Majorca.

user Jimmy w | over 5 years ago

Myself and my wife have had over 30 holidays on Majorca over the last 10 years. We have recently returned from our most resent and we have just worked out we spent well over €2000 into the local economy , the local bars cafe and restaurants. It's looking more and more likely that with all the anti tourism and problems getting accommodation ( don't like big hotels and they are full anyway) we may not be able to return next year. The local businesses are really worried that many of them will be out of business over the next year or two. It's very sad that many if them made it through the global crash only to be bankrupted by all that's going on now.