user John w | over 5 years ago

All the moaning about tourists will not come because of this and that etc? They will still come in droves as you will find the average tourist will. It even be aware of any of the problems as people see it. They just book the holiday and off they go. It seems really a panic over nothing. You will find 90% of the decline will be purely driven by the poor exchange rate, by the time you factor that in and when I was in Santa Maria a few weeks ago the fact two ice creams alone no drinks just two ice creams worked out the equivalent of £13 that's just a joke. The fall in the pound is the biggest problem and the prices of stuff of second. If people done like it there's nothing you can do but tear on year they will come

user keith | over 5 years ago

The decision is almost closed, pending a final meeting to be held this Thursday: tourists who visit the Islands in 2018 will pay twice as much ecotax for travelers to the Balearic Islands until December 31 of this year . The amount of ecotax will double, so that the tourist tax will go from one euro per person for hostels and pensions to four euros for hotels and luxury apartments. Another important innovation is that cruise ships that are less than 12 hours in the ports of the Islands will not be exempt from the payment of the tax. If the increase is linear, the tax for those who visit the Islands on a cruise will be two euros from next year. At the meeting convened for this Thursday should also decide whether to increase the months considered high season. In low season the tourists pay half of the tribute. Regular visitors The sources of the Govern consulted assure that the purpose of this rise is not tax collection, although it will have direct consequences in the improvement of the finances of the Comunitat. It is estimated that revenues could add up to 100 million euros , while waiting to close the final figure, which will be one of the keys to the approval of the spending ceiling. The Govern insists, therefore, that there is no collection, but a desire to regulate, as far as possible, the flow of visitors to the Islands. In the Executive there is general agreement that the tourist avalanche suffered by the Islands in recent years must be contained in some way, and the ecotax is a measure of containment : it is lowered when visitors are encouraged to be encouraged and increased when what is You want to discourage massive entries. It should be noted that those who stay in a vacation rental also pay the eco-tax. With the rise, each person staying will pay two euros a day instead of the euro that is paid at the moment. In the Executive said that this increase will also serve to discourage the arrival of this type of tourism to the Islands. Thanks a lot. Thats me done. next year was going to be a special year but thanks to the perfect island you will not be getting any of mine or my family,s money.Seven adults , three kids , nearly 400 euros extra tax i don,t think so .3 Times a year but no .even i know when we are not wanted. This news is brought Courtesy of ultima hora .CHEERS

user Jason | over 5 years ago

Well it's the last week of August and Cala d'Or has gone strangely quiet it's like October already, well done government if things don't pick up looks like I won't be in bussines next year, your apartment ban has worked already.17 years running the bussines and just having the worst back end of the season ever, I rely on exactly the customers you have banned and so do most bars and restaurants in resorts !

user Janet Hirst | over 5 years ago

Dear Mallorca I am so glad you are in such a fantastic financial situation that you can decide to stop a major source of income from coming to the Island. There are thousands of apartment rentals on line in the U.K. and other European countries which will now disappear along with the income generated. Does James think that people come here on mass in the summer by choice? Most are restricted by school/work time tables so what do they do? Why does the Mallorcan Government seem to want to punish tourists so much? The next thing will be that Cruise ships will stop coming into port because of increased tourist tax and lack of opening of facilities. Who runs this Island

user james thomson | over 5 years ago

There were far too many tourists the last 3 years - your own poll says he majority of people think the island is saturated in the summer. The aim should not be to increase/maintain the summer numbers, but to reduce them so that the experience is better. Focus on improving the length of the season.

user Richard Pearson | over 5 years ago

I wonder if any of the below correspondents have recently been to New York or Venice.

user Henry James | over 5 years ago

You will be getting even fewer tourists next year so get used to it and you only have yourselves to blame what with the anti-tourist protests and graffiti,long airport queues,proposed airport strikes,the increase in the tourist tax and the blaming of tourists for almost all your problems,who are you going to blame when the tourist stop coming.? It also looks as though those kids of Arran will find out just what life on an Island without tourists will be like.

user Tim | over 5 years ago

Congratulations you have finally got your way mass unemployment closed businesses and recession for next year well done you deserve it ,

user S. | over 5 years ago

1 . Airport misery 2 Passport delay 3 Airport Strikes 4 Pound crash 5 Transport failures 6 Taxi rip off and strikes 6. Poor food and service at All Inclusive Hotels 7 Inferior alcoholic drinks, and available restrictions 8 Unwelcome attitude of workers 9 Shops closed 10 Bad feedback and a multitude of complaints from returning tourists 11 Tourist Tax upon arrival 12 Total holiday failures Etc. Etc. Etc.

user Graham | over 5 years ago

Well the summer is over now. The Spanish who all come from the mainland to their summer retreats are now all back to work. Croatia looks a stunning country for a summer holiday next year. Sad for all the businesses and subsidiary business that will suffer, which subsequently will impact on the population, jobs and disposable income. History repeats itself.