user john hughes | over 6 years ago

ECOnomic terrorists Gabby Barcelo and his lot

user Jason | over 6 years ago

Frank... I have nothing to with rentals at all as I said before do I need to say it again !! My post makes plenty of sense to most people ! I would stop guessing because you are a long way off !! September is a month not a year and usually a very good month for business but this year is very quiet due to the rental legistration next year is going to worse . Sorry to hear you are another victim of this backward thinking government .

user Pollensa1946 | over 6 years ago

On our recent Pollensa visit I voiced that I thought the area (town and port) was busier than typical of past years in September. However, one business owner said that she found it a lot quieter than usual for September. One conclusion would be the same or more tourists but spending less money. Interesting to see how 2018 pans out.

user Frank | over 6 years ago

Hi Paul. Could be, but as Foro Vacacional and Abtur are associations for holiday apartment owners and agents, of which I am a member, I assumed his post related to that, as we are the most affected. Oh well.

user Paul | over 6 years ago

Frank - from Jason's posts, I would assume he runs a bar/restaurant/shop and is suffering as a result of fewer tourists being there as a result of the rentals crackdown

user Frank | over 6 years ago

@Jason. Re-read your own article chump. How can you have a bad September if you don't do holiday rentals, - and how can " September usually be a good year" ?. If you don't do holiday rentals you must do long-term rentals, so how are you affected by the new tourist laws that you're bleating about ? I'm not being a "smart-ass", your post doesn't make sense !

user Jason | over 6 years ago

Frank....I don't do holiday rentals !!!! I'm 70% down in September as direct result of lack of people due to rental legistration and next year looks a lot lot worse. I suspect most resorts are feeling it ! Get your facts right before trying to be a smart ass !!!

user Frank | over 6 years ago

@Jason. The new laws only apply to rentals of less than a month. You're only affected if you let for just a week or two, - so if you're affected by this new law your bookings should be down by 100% surely ?

user Ron | over 6 years ago

Leaving aside for a moment the looming Armageddon in Catalonia, I would like to see mass demonstrations in the streets here against the totally destructive policies of this minority government, Head honcho from Més only had 14% of the vote when he started but has crept up to be the destroyer of free enterprise on those islands, and will be responsible for a predicted €525 million net loss to the Balearic's economy and extreme poverty for many families. I don't think we can wait until their term is up. Damage already done to tourism will take years to repair. I fear that it will never recover from this - given the alternatives that tourists have. Many residents among the British community are leaving - and I suspect Germans as well. A good thing many may say - but we have all spent a fortune here supporting businesses etc. over the decades and deserve to be treated better. At least EU residents here should be given a vote given how much they contribute to the economy.

user Rob | over 6 years ago

We cannot wait until 2019 we need this policy to be changed now.. people pressure!!