user Currently at Las Gaviotas | over 5 years ago

Finnish News paper also reported a some dislike of turism in Mallorca:

user Alex | over 5 years ago

This makes a strong case for closing your comments sections. So often the same small group of people making the same predictable comments.

user Steve Riches | over 5 years ago

Ana - please set out the realistic list of industry and commerce with which you will replace tourism. Your commente are pointless unless you are able to back them up with workable alternatives which produce an equivalent inward investmemt.

user Rick UK | over 5 years ago

Majorca will be in more demand in 2018 ......The main problem for Majorca is Magaluf due to the drugs situation and a minority of the low life who visit this area.

user Lawrie | over 5 years ago

Ana, better opportunities where? Not in mallorca. Highly educated youngsters leave the island to work elsewhere i'm afraid. No big businesses aren't going to set up here to provide jobs thats a non starter. Mallorca has a product that it sells very well, a beautiful island, lots of sun and lovely beaches. They have lots of banks that need skilled staff but only because its a wealthy island due to.... yes tourism.

user palmadave | over 5 years ago

Well said ANA.

user Ana | over 5 years ago

Many places survive without tourism. Just because the Balearics has derived income from tourism in the past does not mean that it has to continue to do so at an increasing rate in this modern age. People are better educated and no longer happy to work in a low paid, long hours service industry when there are better opportunities. Running a beach bar is hardly the ambition of a young Majorcan nor should it be. Who can blame them for wanting to pursue an alternative model to prosperity. Tourists bring a low income to some families but it comes at a price. There are only so many hire cars that can park at a virgin beach in for example, Menorca and the roads are already congested. Unsurprising then, that fewer tourists but of a high spending variety is the choice of many. Would you want your peaceful English village invaded by a load of loud, drunken Spaniards? I think not.

user Harry | over 5 years ago

The companies that keep the island going could easily give a very short/sharp/shock to the island.Tourism travel companies like TUI, Jet2, all the airlines, German tour companies etc, could All NOT book airline slots and beds for 2019 - walk away from the island for one year. It would not be one year ... as like the EU Brussels, they would be invited back with open arms by 2020. Interesting times ahead - with Brexit, Catalonia, and the island not wanting tourists. How can it truly sustain itself? I can see many struggling for work as companies will not be able to survive. Stopping the independent traveler whom favours Air Bnb is a mistake. People want a diversification of choice and HOTEL ROOMS is an outdated concept.

user Carlos | over 5 years ago

Simply put: "fake news in brittish media"

user Steve Kane | over 5 years ago

I again will say to those who want LESS tourists on the Island if we the tourist stop coming to the Island how will you and your familys earn a living we not only come to the Island for the sun we also come and help you all make a living??