user Pollensa1946 | over 6 years ago

Mike. The lack of flights from Scotland is due to lack of demand. Not everyone is a loudmouth Brit who is fortunate to own property there. Perhaps you could offer some advice on how the Scottish government create that demand. Oh wait, that's not their job. Stick to stuff you know, which appears to be very little.

user Mike | over 6 years ago

No not London suggest you try Bristol and Birmingham all last year full flights ,if you live in Scotland try getting sturgeon to do some real work instead of moaning about her referendum and brexit

user Andy Rawson | over 6 years ago

Winter must be coming because they say the same nonsense every year and nothing changes. Well apart from less and less happening.

user Chris Parkin | over 6 years ago

"To change the island's image and tourism model by moving it away from predominantly sun and beach." What are they thinking, maybe change to skiing holidays? Idiots.

user Lawrie | over 6 years ago

Mike, trust me if a flight to Majorca from Edinburgh was full every two weeks the whole of the winter they would be flying. Airport costs or not. The fact is flights from Scotland and the north of England are thin on the ground due to the fact that the demand is just not there on such a regular basis. Where are you coming from that the planes are choke full all winter. London maybe?

user Mikev | over 6 years ago

Lawrie I think you will find you are incorrect as I fly to and from mallorca to my home in calador every 2 weeks 12 months of the year , every flight the whole year round is full the ones who do fly in winter always have a full flight so I’m afraid it’s not down to bums on seats it has to be the Baleares government creating the problem by not reducing airport costs ,

user John p | over 6 years ago

Hope this is not going to be "jobs for the boys ,and girls. Will these "senior staff" talk ,and listen to the bar,restaurant owners and indeed small shops to develope a way foreword to attract visitors.Not necessary to have sun,know will not get it but Christmas/New Year ,the almond blossom,golf,walking.Would suggest don't leave to politicians or simply moving senior staff from one department to another,employ "outsiders" and pay bonus on results.

user Ron | over 6 years ago

'A Winter in Mallorca' is no different now than in the days of Chopin. Outside of Palma you will be lucky to find anything open. The custom is to have 3-4 months holidays. Bars and restaurants cannot cover rents and staff wages so they close. Hotels spend the fortunes they earn in the summer by doing improvements, buying boutique hotels or agro tourisms or sending their money to invest in the Carribean. Mallorca has always been jealous of Benidorm etc. down south, where all year climate attracts a constant flow of tourists. There is nothing worse than wandering around a closed up Mallorcan town on a rainy day! No amount of culture or gastronomy will change this. Every year the government's jollies to tourism fairs cost more and more money, and nothing is achieved.

user Lawrie | over 6 years ago

Exactly Mike but what part of it do you not understand? Airlines are reluctant to fly in the winter months due to not enough bums on seats. That's the reason they dont come. They way to reverse this is to promote the islands attractions as a winter destination. This is exactly what is happening. Surely you cant fault them for that.

user Mike | over 6 years ago