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user Suzy | over 5 years ago

We have our villa licence , pay our taxes, pay VAT, tourist tax, supply passport number of head of party!! Now it appears there are more details to give to the Guardia. Hells bells it never ends.

user palmadave | over 5 years ago

Nice to see we are slowly getting to a legal, safe, hopefully responsible Holiday Lettings situation.

user John Reeves | over 5 years ago

I would not be too cynical over this move. The use of Airbnb properties for pop-up brothels is now widely publicised and I am sure we would all applaud stamping this out. To live in a block with prostitution going on next door is not acceptable. As for improved security - again, a good move. With regard to the tax, it is obvious both in Mallorca and around the world, that many landlords do not declare rental income and this leaves the tax burden falling on the working population. Tourist tax is an issue that may come to bite them in the backside as many locations in the world which were off limits for a few years are now fighting back, with no tax, lower food and beverage costs etc. Mallorca has such a great potential in tourism but it continues to be poorly managed.