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@Liz :

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@Liz. Because it's a backward third rate democracy !

user Lizz | over 5 years ago

John, Why sould I have to employ the expensive services of a solicitor to tell me something the government should be making clear to the population. It could only happen in this backward third rate democracy

user John | over 5 years ago

@Liz. The hoteliers ARE the government. Also why are people asking the readers legal questions here, - it's easy enough to get the correct answers from a professional.

user Ged | over 5 years ago

One thing I have noticed is that a number of the holiday apartments that are for sale, have had their prices reduced. It may be that Brexit together with the Mallorcan governments actions have some Brits fearing that the apartments they bought thinking they could subsidise the through tourism, may be looking to off load the apartments.

user Liz | over 5 years ago

James, they the government, have clearly done a deal with the hoteliers. In return for the hotels collecting the tourist tax they are stamping out what the hoteliers see as unfair competition ie private rentals. The authorities know exactly who is passing through the airport when you hand over your passport ,so the registration is clearly to check up on holiday let’s. If I have friends from Mallorca stay with me in the UK I don’t have to register them with the police. I think it’s time people stood up for their rights and stopped being dictated to by this tin pot government

user RBMM | over 5 years ago

To Bunyolaboy: where did you read that you have to pay tourist tax when you stay in a private home? That wasn't mentioned by MDB recently ( Non-rental private home isn't included in their list.

user Bunyolaboy | over 5 years ago

There seems to be some confusion about taxation of guests in holiday accommodation. It’s quite simple really, if you are a non resident and owner/s and you have if your friends or family stay in your property they are deemed tourists and will have to pay the tourist tax just like anyone staying in a hotel or apartment hotel. This means the you will have to check what band your property falls into, register their arrival and departure dates with the police and arrange to have the tax collected and paid regularly. You do not need a licence to let your friends and family stay in your property as long as you have not advertised it as a “holiday rental”. If you do advertise it then you must have a licence and the number has to be clearly shown on your rental site. Clearly though if your guests are recorded as are paying the tourist tax continuously throughout the summer you may draw attention from the relevant tax authority who may suspect you are renting through the “back door” and not declaring an income from an illegal holiday rental. Any income must be declared every 3 months on Form 210. I have friends who are using the “Friends and Family” route to continue to receive much needed income to subsidise the cost of owning a property. All will say is if you choose this option there is a simple way a neighbour can report you if they think you are abusing the system. I used to rent my property and hope in the near future I will be able to apply for a licence so I can not only maximise my investment but also once again contribute to the local economy.