user Steve Riches | over 4 years ago

Re. comment below about a train line to Andratx - the topography is such that it'd probably need dozens of massive tunnels and bankrupt the island.

user Ged | over 4 years ago

I hope they have had the blessing of the taxi drivers. As anyone who has followed the transportation situation on Mallorca, nothing gets done without their say so.

user Chris | over 4 years ago

This sounds brilliant to me. I have made comments on here before about the airport needing more than just road links. I much prefer using public transport like this from airports. If they start to put the tourist tax towards this, I wont mind paying it, knowing I will get a benefit back on my holidays and that I am contributing to making the Island better for those that live there.

user Henry James | over 4 years ago

This is great news for Majorca,let's hope that the political will and the money to see it through is forthcoming.

user Larry HENSON | over 4 years ago

And a train line to Andratx?

user M Irving | over 4 years ago

Latest Spanish press reporting via Sra Armengol no money for new roads for Baleares over next ten years! Interesting to see what happen to the crazy new proposals for the Paseo Maritimo /via .Cintura.

user HRH The Lager Khan | over 4 years ago

I think I read that Palma is the biggest airport in Europe, and the only capital city airport, without a train/train link

user M Irving | over 4 years ago

Whilst at it, its high time they controlled airport traffic I.e. Drop off/ pick up area.Illegal parking in invalide areas, double/treble parking behind already occupied parking spaces (no sign of fines being issued) this happens 24hrs/day -Chaos ! Welcome and goodbye Mallorca -(if I can survive the pick up/ drop off area !!

user M Irving | over 4 years ago

Pipe Dreams ! Whilst the proposed expansion of the rail network is commendable if it takes as long as the secondary ring road to complete ( work through the winter has been slow to say the least, in fact the grafetti defacers have been more productive )- perhaps funds have been used elsewhere? They also seem to have forgotten to include a line via the football stadium -much needed to stop the illegal parking along the Cintura on match days .and leave police free for more important things

user TJ | over 4 years ago

What's the odds on the taxi mafia blocking it?