user Angela | about 1 year ago

Most people that would be going right now seem hesitant to go because of current insurance issues and protection of their fees really. Sort this out and they will come.If it wasn't that insurance companies won't pay out right now then I know I would be going on a trip I had planned and booked but got refunded since if the worst happened the insurance would not pay out.

user donna | about 1 year ago

a) the Majorcan government has decided to quarantine COVID patients in the middle of a tourist resort (Paguera). Any other government takes confirmed patients well away from the beaten track. b) they are STILL not taking any precautions against importing the virus to the island from the Peninsula c) the above indicate the Majorcan government do not really care about tourism or the wellbeing of its voters.

user Steve Kane | about 1 year ago

President Francina Armengol As a UK visitor to the Island of Mallorca for well over 20 yrs, I have driven over the Pont dels Anglesos thousands of times in a Hire Car as we Stay in Playa de Muro. I am so sad that Mr Boris Johnson has taken the POLITICAL decision to close the air bridge from the UK to the Island he has done so without consulting anyone in the travel industry and he has done it when our politicians can not discuss what he has done as they are not in our parliament Madam President so many UK people are very upset about NOT being able to visit the Fantastic Island and I and lot of us Brits only hope that you and your citizens will not hold it against us when eventually we can return to your Island so, for now, Madam President we wish ALL the people on the Island and in Spain generally good luck and please everybody KEEP SAFE

user chris atkin | about 1 year ago

You're not missed Lisa. Enjoy it while it lasts. The day will come you will regret such silly words.Speaking as someone who has lived on Mallorca for years.

user Harry | about 1 year ago

@Lisa Kindness ? All they are interested in is our money. Have you seen the “kindness” they dole out to those who arrive without or are considered to be the dregs of society ? By the way, Tunisia and Kuwait are also banning Spanish tourists and it won’t be long before France does as well. And to finish, a lot of the kindness will be paid for by Northern European nations. 140 billion euros of kindness.

user Daz | about 1 year ago

Safe for tourists is that really true though. Still nothing done about the African prostitute's robbing tourists, drugs being sold openly I know because I always have them offered to me. Now Catalonia has a high number of Covid but look how many flights come into Palma every day from Barcelona. I'm not being funny but no resorts should have been opened this year. I'm missing my yearly holiday sadly this year it's just not worth the risk

user George | about 1 year ago

Is this the same person who let the “tourist go home” graffiti stay on walls all over Palma for months on end and was continuously complaining about overcrowding and hire cars ?

user Stewart | about 1 year ago

Last year Armengol talked of restricting tourists and cruise ships. Amazingly the tourist tax is still in place today. How bad does it need to get before you wake up and smell the coffee. Here is a quote from the bulleting July 2019. La candidata a la presidencia del Govern, Francina Armengol, ha avanzado en su discurso de investidura en el Parlament que impulsará «una estrategia que ponga límite al turismo de excesos» y «fijar un techo que sea sostenible social y económicamente» a la llegada de crucerosWell what a difference a year makes. Cap in hand now writing to the British government.

user chris atkin | about 1 year ago

Angela has a very fair point.

user Gazzaputt | about 1 year ago

I’m afraid the comment below doesn’t see the bigger picture. The loss of economies will have a far more devastating impact on live than this virus ever will.This virus cannot be beaten we have to accept it as a part of life. Protect the vulnerable and allow normal life to carry on.