user Nigel | over 2 years ago

I think we should all consider how New Zealand is dealing with the problem, how the Isle of Man and Channel Islands too, they are islands like ours, they seem to be winning against the virus, surely the Politicians can see, discuss and use a modified version of what these islands have done to find a solution to suit the our islands, as nowhere is the same or has the same problems. Perhaps the same requirements for all arriving on the islands, not just foreigners would be a good start before it gets too late and we have another lockdown, and that does not bear thinking about as far as the economy and residents are concerned.

user donna | over 2 years ago

@Hank Bless. Have you ever been to Spain?

user Hank | over 2 years ago

Right John so by that logic cases in the UK should be going down as no one ever goes near anyone else... somehow I don’t think that’s the problem.

user Donna | over 2 years ago

@John- thank you, my point precisely. Our friends and soon to be relatives simply don’t get SOCIAL DISTANCING. I’ve give up warning people not to come too close. Would have to chain Mother in law to the wall before she gave up trying to give me a hug.

user Lizz | over 2 years ago

The government advisory has invalidated insurance, the canaries have introduced a insurance scheme for all tourists. The Balearics should do the same, we would then be able to travel. Many older people don’t mind the quarantine, but will not travel without insurance

user John | over 2 years ago

I am on Mallorca at the moment to spend our annual summer holiday and off course there is a problem with young people partying in Magaluf and other places. It was a wise decision to close down everything. But one of the biggest problem is the Spanish people themselves. Yes the wear facemasks but the majority doesn’t understand not to touch each other, not to give hands, not to kiss and keep distance. I fully understand it’s a culture thing but hoe difficult is it!? I am here now for a week enjoying the island but everytime there is somebody next to me. In Supermarkets, carparks, streets etc. It’s not that busy so keep you distance. When you keep distance figures will go down

user Yogi | over 2 years ago

Who are infected. Locals, tourists? And where in Mallorca are infections occurring? This would seem to me to be critical information to share so as we can all work together to reduce infections.

user Hank | over 2 years ago

This is a direct result of welcoming back tourists with open arms. Just so we can go into another lock down. Why are we so upset that we are making it difficult for tourist when it just benefits a select few. Surely these people have made enough from the last 5 years of mass tourism.

user Geoff | over 2 years ago

stan Very fickle the people on here one minute you want the tourists next post you don't now all of a sudden you want them back again I love the place and love its people and have been coming for years clearly font know the locals as well as i thought

user Mark Badoer | over 2 years ago

Nigel/Stan: have you actually ever really thought about how few this number is in relation to the total amount of people here on Mallorca? It is peanuts, nothing, nada. 0,00062 percent of the population. In statistical terms: zero. Now compare that to the amount of people that lost their jobs and livelyhoods. 20% and rising....... In Spain, there are now 1,1 million households, where everybody is unemployed. Unemployment of the under 25's is more than 40%. This whole corona virus thing is getting one big, bad joke. Politicians have lost all sense of reality.