user Pentony | about 1 year ago

It’s not the test would welcome the test , it’s the price . It’s laughable I for one won’t be travelling.

user ODC | about 1 year ago

I think the cost is the problem, but I understand wanting to protect the island (the rule by the way applies to all of Spain). Being a Spaniard living here but travelling frequently to the UK and to Germany I was not best pleased about the 14 day quarantine either - and Tourism in the UK is just as badly affected. As far as I am concerned there are only two ways to making this palatable - either the cost of these PCR tests comes down significantly or the rapid antigen-tests become a lot more reliable going forward.

user Majorca fan | about 1 year ago

Pedro There are many threats to Brits return to majorca. Limited flights and insurance cover and costs cheaper holidays in Greece and eastern Mediterranean. EU threats of visas and passport delays. 40% of Majorca tourists trade is British who will replace them possibly the Irish? I think not

user Lisa | about 1 year ago

The absolute truth is tourists will stay away. The cost and difficulty is securing a test will mean tourists will simply vote with their feet - and go to a destination that actually wants them and makes them feel welcome.

user Daniela Dumitru | about 1 year ago

Definitely l m Not happy to pay for PCR test

user Jorgen | about 1 year ago

Well, if - few a hundred bucks is enough reason to cancel your holidays, then I guess you wont be able to spend some when you are here. Mallorca needs tourists that will spend some cash to help keep the businesses alive. Otherwise we don’t need anyone to come down here and be a potential health risk. So I guess you have to wait until it is safe for all of us to travel:)

user Harriet | about 1 year ago

What happens if you test positive? The PCR tests have a huge false positive rate. You won’t be allowed back on a plane so I guess a room in a quarantine hostel would be your holiday. No thanks

user Tom | about 1 year ago

So now, if a family of four wants to travel to Majorca, they have to pay an extra £600 on top of the cost of their holiday. I really can't see this happening.

user Lee Hadfield | about 1 year ago

Regarding the PCR tests. I live on the island. We are taking a cruise departing and arriving Palma. I am presuming we would have to get a test en route before arrival Palma, but if I’m positive what am I supposed to do? I couldn’t get back on the ship. So I think it hasn’t been thought out enough. Personally, I feel it’s a hassle and a money spin. I have already contacted our travel agent to ask the cut off date to cancel the cruise. If there is not a better acceptable solution nearer our departure date we will just cancel.

user Adam Ostenfeld | about 1 year ago

If you don't want the tourist then you will not get them and you will suffer economically ! every option should be considered with care and thoughtful consideration as the oncoming season will mean either closure or bankrupsie for many small family businesses if proper respect and thoughtful consideration is not given to all these political decisions !!!