user Andrew T | over 3 years ago

I worked in the City for 30 years and have a PHD in economics. I have yet to hear a single arguement as to why Brexit isn't economic self harm. Fundamentaly people don't realise that the UK without the EU trading block is a tiny little country with no clout to cut good trade deals. Why would any country give a better trade deal to the UK over a trade block that is 11 times bigger. It is like me going to my local store and asking them to give me a better price for my weekly bottle of milk than the coffee shop who buys 50 off him. If you voted Brexit, fine, as long as you know you voted to be much poorer and are ok with that trade off to gain independence then fine. But don't go moaning when you lose your job!

user Jonas | over 3 years ago

Always seems bizarre that Europeans think that the British are obsessed about empire. Nobody in the Uk cares about this, probably why they’re so desperate to get out the new eu empire before it collapses.

user Be Careful What You Wish For | over 3 years ago

It will be very interesting to see how the tourist economies of Bulgaria, Turkey et al perform over the next few years. Where there are those in Europe without the backbone to stand up against the Fourth Reich, (sorry, ‘European Project’) and it’s Vichy French Poodle, there are countries outside the Reich that are DESPERATE for the countless British pounds that have been spent in the EU very the last 60 or so years. You will reap as you sow.

user Majorca fan | over 3 years ago

Simple fact we have left the eu with no privileges and Brits understand that. Brits also enjoy Mallorca holidays and will be the First Nation to have full Covid vaccination complete and will be able to travel the world without risk to either visitor or visited. Also a fact the people of Mallorca will suffer from Brits no show to the island and not spending there.

user Kenny Wilson | over 3 years ago

Thank you very much brexiteers. Looks like the yearly holiday to Mallorca could become something that will only be affordable to do every other year for a great many people. Mark my words, the effects of brexit will dwarf the effects of covid. The population of the UK is asleep at the wheel while Boris Johnson and his wealthy backers take this country down a dark path. Only one kind of people will gain from this, the super wealthy.

user James T | over 3 years ago

Liz, a BIG part of the 'Leave' campaign was about "taking control of our borders" and "stopping free movement". Did 'Leavers' really think this was going to result in restrictions being applied to EU countries' citizens entering the UK but not to UK citizens entering the EU?!?? That's called narcissism, the world stopped revolving around Britain well over 200 years ago.

user Liz | over 3 years ago

Excuse me, we are talking about restricting the movement of British citizens by the United States of Europe. We have ongoing vaccination programs, we are honest about covid numbers, unlike Spain, we have the tourist euros you are desperate to get your hands on.

user Mark Badoer | over 3 years ago

Saudi Arabia, Russia and China.......basically the most dishonest, not to be trusted and anti democratic countries in the world. Good luck! And: Per for President! Well spoken Per. It is exactly that.

user Adrian | over 3 years ago

Per, may I add that the Brits are also good at being of service for the gentle people from Saudi Arabia, Russia and China. Actually becoming a rewarding niche activity for them. Don’t underestimate them. They are also good at Darts, too

user Palmadave | over 3 years ago

Per. I believe there are 195 countries in the world of which 159 are WTO members. I don't think 'Good luck on your own' applies.